Software Test Engineer - Bioinformatics

BioDiscovery, Inc.
Job Location
Los Angeles, CA
Job Description

BioDiscovery is looking for a talented Software Test Engineer to perform testing and prepare test reports for software used in the field of genomic analysis. Our new software system is target for a very rapidly growing genetic analysis market.


- Develop and execute test plans based on requirements.
- Work closely with the development engineers on defect reporting, debugging and tracking to isolate software faults and ensure that all requirements are tested and met.
- Conduct functionality, performance, stability, environmental test and acceptance test.
- Record test results completely and accurately.


- Bioinformatics degree or equivalent experience.
- Software development or testing experience in an Agile Environment.
- Ability to independently investigate issues with minimal supervision.
- A proven fast learner, self-motivated, willing to take challenges.
- Proactive, passionate and being able to think out of the box.

Job location is Los Angeles - South Bay.

Position could be a summer project for a student that can turn into part-time work during academic year.

How to Apply
About Our Organization

BioDiscovery offers advanced software solutions for DNA microarray and next-generation sequencing data analytics. We provide a full line of products spanning many aspects of genomic data analysis, with a special emphasis on structural variation, sequence variation, expression analysis, integrated genomics, and big data analytics. Our applications are delivered to end-user scientists and clinicians, and we efficiently handle large-scale data from all commercial platforms. As genomic-based drug discovery and medical diagnostics further evolve, we continue our history of making a difference in the world of genomic data analysis.

BioDiscovery was established in 1997 in Los Angeles, California as a pioneer in the nascent field of microarray informatics. With a strong heritage of established portfolio products, the company has aggressively applied best-practice technologies and development methodologies. Today, BioDiscovery counts over 3000 customers across over 30 countries, daily making use of the most robust, scalable, and capable products in the industry.

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