Software Engineer / Bioinformatician

Phase Genomics
Job Location
Seattle, WA

Phase Genomics offers competitive salary and equity compensation, with opportunities for raises and additional equity as rewards for excellent performance. As a results-oriented company we also offer flexible working hours and an unlimited time-off policy.

Job Description


Seattle-based startup Phase Genomics is seeking smart, talented, motivated software engineers and bioinformaticians to help build its revolutionary genomic and metagenomic assembly platform.

Our platform combines cutting-edge lab techniques with uniquely innovative analysis software to deliver researchers the tools to make important scientific breakthroughs.  Phase Genomics offers you the ability to use your talents to make solutions that power real-world discoveries like curing diseases, improving food safety and the food supply, and uncovering the role of the microbiome in health.

Our engineers work across a wide range of technologies, from the front end to the back end, designing everything from database-driven web applications to genomic assembly algorithms to massively parallel data analysis systems.  Every engineer is given the opportunity for technical, architectural, and product-level ownership of their areas, and is expected to deliver world-class results.  Our team is composed of people who are capable of owning a problem space top to bottom, yet still collaborate to deliver great results across the team. 

In short, if you’re a ninja who likes solving hard problems, we want to talk to you.


Software engineers and bioinformaticians are responsible for

  • Conceiving, designing, implementing, and maintaining software components in one or more product areas, including:
    • Massively parallel big data analysis on EC2
    • Cloud-based task orchestration
    • Website database and UI
    • Genome scaffolding
    • Metagenomic deconvolution
    • Data analysis and report generation
    • Complex, multivariable fitness topology optimization
    • Process performance metrics and optimization
  • Running services in a DevOps model.
  • Helping define company technical and business strategy.
  • Supporting users with documentation and direct communication.
  • Being a good problem solver. As a startup, we have a number of problems that need good brains to work on them, including non-software problems.


While we are open to a broad range of backgrounds, a successful candidate will likely have the following qualifications:

  • 3+ years experience in developing software in an industry or graduate studies setting
  • Experience in at least one of the following software development settings:
    • Bioinformatics
    • Web development
    • Distributed data analysis
    • Cloud-based task orchestration
    • Data science
    • Machine learning
    • Experience with genomics is a plus, but not necessary.
      • Much of genomics draws from standard software methodologies such as graph theory, optimization, hidden Markov models/statistical learning methods, and basic algorithm and data structure design. Typical computer science/software engineering backgrounds are highly applicable.
    • B.S. or B.A. in computer science, software engineering, bioinformatics, or other technical fields with a programming focus.


The core skills you must have to succeed at Phase Genomics are excellent problem solving skills, a strong ability to learn and develop mastery over a topic, and the drive to get things done.

Specific technologies we use or are considering using include:

  • Python
  • C++
  • Perl
  • R
  • Javascript
  • Django
  • Gunicorn
  • Docker
  • AirFlow
  • Celery
  • Angular/Angular2
  • React
  • Amazon cloud services (especially EC2, S3, RDS, and CloudFormation)
  • Google drive (programmatic usage)
  • Many standard bioinformatics tools (bwa, samtools, BLAST, etc.) 

 Experiences/skills which are a plus include:

  • Web development (front-end, back-end, or full-stack)
  • Distributed computing
  • Bioinformatics/genomics software development
  • Multivariable optimization over complex fitness topologies
  • Machine learning
  • Data science
How to Apply

Please send your resume to

About Our Organization

Phase Genomics is bringing a revolutionary genome assembly technology to market to address fundamental problems in agricultural research, antibiotic and pharmaceutical development, personalized medicine, the microbiome, and more. This technology is based on complex big-data analysis algorithms run across many machines on the cloud, and we seek fantastic software engineers and bioinformaticians to work on it. 

Founded in 2015 by seasoned scientists and software engineers, we mix the best of both worlds, developing new technology by engineering world-class scientific solutions.  Our offices on the UW campus in Seattle are located in one of the most dynamic parts of the city, with convenient access to many other popular neighborhoods.

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