Software Developer

Cellular Research, Inc.
Job Location
4040 Campbell Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Job Description

We are seeking a software developer with an interest in instrumentation control and analysis. You will be part of developing customer-facing applications for the Resolve™ instrument; Cellular Research’s next generation platform for massively parallel genetic analysis of single cells. You will assist with advancing the technology from development to production, and support early access customers and partners, as well as colleagues in R&D and marketing.


  • Instrument control and image analysis tool development for disruptive genomics product
  • Prototyping through commercial instrument development, including new GUI design
  • Development of testing and validation procedures
  • Hands-on application development and performance testing


  • System software for life science research instrument incorporating motion control, digital I/O, imaging, and fluidic controls
  • Expand existing prototype tools for early collaborators
  • Utilize and update change control and QA processes throughout product development lifecycle
  • Collaborate effectively with other employees to help advance the company’s research and development and commercial goals
  • Bachelors level qualification in software engineering or related field required
  • Experience with data analysis and image analysis required
  • Hands-on experience implementing touch screen gestures strongly preferred
  • 2+ years experience in modern life science product business desired (e.g. NGS, flow cytometry, microarrays)
  • Programming languages: C++/C# required, scripting experience (Python, R, etc) desired
  • Capacity to work in a fast-paced environment coupled with the challenges of a rapidly evolving field
How to Apply

Please send your resume to

About Our Organization

Cellular Research, Inc., is a biotechnology research and development company founded in 2011 by innovators from Silicon Valley and Stanford University, and was recently acquired by Becton Dickinson Genomics.   Our mission is to revolutionize life science research by enabling high-precision molecular assays focusing on single cells and precious samples for application in basic research, drug discovery and clinical biology.  Cellular Research has developed Molecular Indexing to deliver these new capabilities.  This technology enables direct and precise counting of individual molecules, genes, chromosomes, and other genetic molecules in very small samples and individual cells.

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