Single Cell Genomics Field Application Engineer/Scientist (BioFoundry)

Berkeley Lights, Inc.
Job Location
5858 Horton Street
Suite 320
Emeryville, CA 94608
Job Description

The BioFoundry at Berkeley Lights, Inc. is seeking an exceptional candidate for the position of Single Cell Genomics Field Application Engineer/Scientist. This role will contribute to the fusion of biology + engineering with the aim of working on cures for cancer. 

We are looking for a productive engineer/scientist who will thrive in a fast paced and dynamic clean room environment, helping to develop and run reliable workflows. This highly visible position is a field representative and may be located at customer site.  It’s essential that the engineer/scientist be available for travel and remote placement as needed, possibly for several months. 

As a key member of a diverse, interdisciplinary development R&D team, you will:

  • Creatively support, operate, evaluate, and modify a rapidly evolving technology platform engaged in single cell assay, culture, and genomic evaluation.  
  • Proactively develop and operate advanced lab automation equipment with an emphasis on microscopy and microfluidics.
  • Take ownership for achieving results in early stage, fast-paced biology and technology development programs.
  • M. S. or Ph.D. plus 4 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics or other multidisciplinary engineering fields with some exposure to applications in biology, or overall equivalent experience
  • Familiarity with cell/tissue culture, cell-based assays, and microscopy platforms; experience in modern molecular and cell biology techniques
  • Ability to independently support and troubleshoot complex electromechanical, optical, and microfluidic instrumentation/hardware, robotics in early stages of development using structured engineering approaches; familiarity with machine shops is preferred.
  • Programming/ coding skills (Python, Java, MATLAB)
  • Proficient data analysis skills; experience with data-mining software (Tableau, Spotfire) is preferred.
  • Ability to thrive in early stage technology development with demanding schedules and deliverables
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills to clearly articulate ideas, problems, and solutions
  • Excellent collaboration and interpersonal skills to work well with scientists and engineers of widely divergent backgrounds
About Our Organization

At Berkeley Lights, Inc., we are bringing to market a proprietary micro-bio-chip system destined to revolutionize biopharma, diagnostics and biomedical research.  We are an early stage start-up with dedicated individuals spanning the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Micro-Fluidics, Genomics, Physics, Engineering, and Business. Our scientists develop unprecedented capabilities and revolutionize the biological sciences. Our engineers are unconstrained by traditional disciplines and apply engineering excellence to enable breakthrough scientific discovery. Together we are a Team that disrupts the way biology is understood, measured, applied and commercialized. 

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