Service and Applications Engineer II

Genomic Health
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Redwood City, CA 94063
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As a member of our Service & Applications Engineering team, you will be responsible for service and applications support of complex robotic workstations, qPCR instruments, as well as other laboratory equipment. You will conduct preventative maintenance and troubleshoot instrument problems by performing root cause analysis, implementing and documenting appropriate corrective actions, while maintaining instruments to peak performance for Genomic Health's various laboratory environments. These environments include the Clinical Laboratory where our industry-leading Oncotype DX® clinical diagnostic assays are run, the R&D laboratories where new product concepts are developed, and our Manufacturing and QC laboratories, which provide high-quality reagents for use in the other lab functions within Genomic Health.



As a successful candidate, you will have hands-on experience with liquid handling robotics and an in-depth understanding of current laboratory instruments used for nucleic acid isolation, quantification, and downstream analysis using quantitative RT-PCR. Activities will include responding to instrument related errors, performing root cause analysis to identify the problem, and implementing an appropriate corrective action to repair the instrument in a time critical customer service oriented manner. You will be expected to develop a working knowledge of all Genomic Health laboratory processes and associated systems such as our Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).


You as the Service Engineer II will participate in cross functional teams working in a variety of areas. These efforts will require excellent communication and collaboration with colleagues in Process Engineering, Assay Chemistry, our Clinical and Development Laboratories, Program Management, Research, Analytical Sciences, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and other groups.


You will be working cooperatively in a dynamic and interdisciplinary laboratory environment, adapting quickly to change and new technical challenges while providing strong technical leadership. This is an excellent opportunity for a team player to participate in the growth of a fast-paced, pioneering company that is developing systematic approaches to applying genomic technology to health, disease, and medical practice.

  • Provide Service and Applications support to multiple laboratories at Genomic Health
  • Maintain, calibrate, and perform equipment Preventative Maintenance as necessary
  • Troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve hardware, software, and chemistry issues of robotic workstations, qPCR instruments, and other laboratory equipment
  • Participate in 24/7 week-long on-call rotation with other team members
  • May train members of the Service Engineering team on processes in areas of expertise to enhance and contribute group development and cross-training
  • Coordinate and/or perform instrument installations and qualifications
  • Write or revise detailed SOPs for processes performed by the Service Engineering Group
  • Assist with transferring and testing of new robotic processes
  • Represent the Service Engineering group on cross functional teams
  • Participate in the development of in-house qualification procedures and other supporting documentation
  • Maintain positive customer and service oriented interactions with customers and colleagues
  • Perform daily work and projects with limited or general instructions, according to SOPs
  • Role is Individual Contributor
  • Other duties as assigned


  • B.S. in a relevant scientific or engineering discipline
  • At least 2 years of relevant experience in use and support of automated laboratory equipment. Experience with automated liquid handlers a plus.
  • Demonstrated mechanical aptitude relevant to automated liquid handlers and other general laboratory equipment
  • Capability to drive professional development by mastering instrument and assay related troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and qualification procedures, exhibiting attention to detail and robust problem solving skills
  • Experience with standard molecular biology techniques such as nucleic acid isolation, RNA/DNA quantification, PCR and RT-PCR
  • Experience with Quality Systems and documentation requirements
  • Competent in writing or revising detailed Standard Operating Procedures for processes performed by the Service Engineering Group
  • Ability to maintain flexibility and prioritize work schedule to support instrument up-time and sample throughput
  • Ability to quickly adopt and apply new methods and technologies
  • Aptitude to implement process improvements identified in workflows in collaboration with Manager
  • Working knowledge of database, laboratory information management systems, and other file management applications
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (both written and verbal) and ability to maintain open communication with internal employees, managers and customers as needed
  • Able to integrate and apply feedback in a professional manner
  • Able to prioritize and drive to results with a high emphasis on quality
  • Ability to work as part of a team


  • Basic knowledge of automated liquid handler scripting software

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