Senior Technician - Biofluid Processing

University at Buffalo
Job Location
Buffalo, NY 14203
Job Description

The Senior Technician will assist with the daily operations of the University at Buffalo Biobank (UB BB) laboratories. The specific daily tasks will include but will not be limited to: oversight of sample submission, maintenance of data associated with all sample submissions and laboratory procedures, communication with UB BB supervisory staff on project details and, where needed, communication with UB investigators. The Senior Technician also supports a variety of wet bench protocols and procedures as a part of technically dedicated teams within the UB BB. The processes to be performed include but are not limited to: pre-processing of primary clinical samples, preparation/processing of tissue samples, plasma/serum separation, nucleic acid extraction, creation and maintenance of cell lines. The individual will perform routine laboratory procedures involved in these processes and help maintain accurate computer records via dedicated databases and statistical records.

Under general guidance and direction of the supervisor, the Senior Technician provides professional level laboratory technical support duties involving the application of scientific research methods and techniques. He/she performs multistage purifications, other assays, and tests; propagates human and animal specimens and cell cultures; prepares tissues, chemicals, and/or living subjects for testing. Equipment to be handled will include but not be limited to: incubators, biosafety cabinets, centrifuges, pipet-aids, microscopes, controlled rate freezers, -80 freezers, liquid nitrogen dewars, freezers, glass ampule sealing machines, CO2 manifold system, nucleic acid extractors, liquid handling instruments, sample handling instruments (cappers, de-cappers, aliquot organization), tissue processors, microtomes, cryostats and imaging instrumentation. Biomaterials are received daily from numerous domestic and international sites and must be registered, accessioned and handled appropriately. Biomaterials are the primary responsibility of personnel in this position and require proper handling between UB BB laboratory units, including accessioning, service validation and quality assessment in the UB BB LIMS system. Every technician reviews work lists from UB BB based on their laboratory and communication training skill sets.

Specific Job Duties
• Job Duty #1: Perform various automated liquid handling protocols on several formats of robotic equipment. 
• Job Duty #2: Perform laboratory procedures to fractionate, QC and aliquot various biofluids from primary collection devices.
• Job Duty #3: Perform laboratory procedures to create, analyze, and manage biofluid biospecimens and their byproducts.
• Job Duty #4: Perform laboratory procedures to process primary clinical samples for biomaterial separation including nucleic acid extraction and analysis.
• Job Duty #5: Perform laboratory procedures to create, cryopreserve and maintain immortalized lymphocytes, fibroblast and IPS cell lines from primary clinical samples.
• Job Duty #6: Maintain accurate computer records and perform all appropriate quality control procedures. Assist with preparation of project reports. Assist with data checking and cleaning on the main laboratory databases, assist with the preparation of reports, communicate seasonal announcements to external sites, re-inventory cell lines from other projects received by the lab.
• Job Duty #7: Log incoming clinical samples received from external laboratories in the UB BB. Audit samples for accuracy and completeness and bring all discrepancies to the appropriate personnel for resolution. Keep study organization in LIMS up-to-date by being responsible for data entry on a daily basis; prepare monthly reports as needed for the supervisory personnel.
• Job Duty #8: Oversee quality control procedures in the laboratory for both physical samples and data repositories to make certain they are being carried out appropriately and accurately. Keep all study data up-to-date by performing data entry on a daily basis; prepare monthly reports for the UB BB supervisory staff.
• Job Duty #9: Perform equipment maintenance and troubleshooting. Medium, reagent and solution preparation. Inventory supplies and materials. Sample inventory support.


• Requires a bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline or a combination of two years college-level science curriculum plus two years relevant laboratory technician or research study experience carrying out research protocols and tests may be substituted for the degree. 
• An additional equivalent amount of college-level study in an appropriate science curriculum may be substituted for the experience in the above combination. 
• Experience in a variety of cell and molecular biology techniques including, and not limited to, nucleic acid extraction, blood cell separation, tissue culture, laboratory reagent preparation and biohazardous material handling is required. 
• The incumbent should be familiar with data handling and data entry and have experience with database management (LIMS systems preferred). NIH Computer Awareness Training, experience with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and general database and statistical software is preferred. 
• Knowledge of BioSafety Handling, Right-To-Know, HIPPA Regulations and LIMS are required.
• Experience working with dry ice and liquid nitrogen is required. 
• The incumbent must be able to communicate effectively with supervisors, trainers, principal investigators, program officers and other staff in a laboratory environment. This position requires professional behavior, good technical skills, and courteous behavior in the regular course of interpersonal contacts. 
• The Senior Technician must be able to read and understand technical documents, operate scientific instruments and computers, perform detailed work, and manage multiple tasks. He/she will be required to follow prescribed protocols and follow tasks assigned by laboratory supervisor, unit manager, data manager or director.
• Requires knowledge of scientific empirical procedures. 
• Must understand the fundamentals of the science.
• Must perform basic scientific routines, protocols, and tests and articulate data to researchers.
• Must operate and maintain sophisticated equipment. 
• Requires the ability to record and maintain data in computerized and non-computerized formats. 
• Will be required to participate in required occupational health and safety programs. 
• Requires occasional weekend, evening, and holiday hours; must have excellent manual dexterity skills; will work with bio-hazardous materials.

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The Research Foundation is an EEO/AA Employer.

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