Senior Systems Integration Engineer I

Genomic Health
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Redwood City, CA 94063
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Reporting to the Senior Systems Integration Engineer II, this Senior Systems Integration Engineer will provide technical expertise, vision and leadership in the creation of automated solutions for complex processes used for commercial diagnostic patient sample testing in our Clinical Laboratory. The focus of these efforts will be automation of our patient sample processing, which may include processes spanning our entire sample testing workflow, including incoming specimen management, histology, pathology, nucleic acid extraction and analysis by RT-PCR or DNA sequencing. Participating in or leading cross functional teams comprised of analysts, scientists, engineers, statisticians, pathologists, and Operations staff, he or she will engage key stakeholders spanning a diverse range of disciplines to gain a detailed understanding of business requirements related to our laboratory processes. He or she will propose areas of focus and explore, develop, and implement technology solutions which provide robust, scalable automation for these workflows to improve efficiency, throughput, quality, and cost. For our laboratory workflows, this will require thoughtful identification and assessment of existing robotics instrumentation and software used for diagnostic, healthcare or other industries and applications. This position will maximize use of existing commercially available hardware and software where possible and design custom components only where required for Genomic Health’s unique sample processing workflows.


The successful candidate will have extensive experience in collecting business and user requirements, developing functional specifications, and integrating mechanical and software components to engineer automated production equipment or instrument systems for robustness, reliability, and operational simplicity. The ideal candidate will have expertise and experience in engineering high quality, efficient, and cost effective laboratory workflows in a healthcare environment, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software, and/or laboratory robotics. Highly desirable knowledge and practical experience in the application of Robust Design / Design for Six Sigma principles, and verification and validation methodologies for complex instrumentation systems in a regulated environment. The successful candidate will collaborate effectively with team members from many different disciplines and functional areas outside of Process Engineering, including Histology, Pathology, Biostatistics, Data Management, Information Technology, Quality, and R&D.

  • Collect and document clear and complete business requirements for Genomic Health’s sample processing workflows
  • Translate these business requirements to clearly documented, well-vetted functional / engineering requirements for new equipment, software and processes to be used in these sample processing workflows
  • Participate in or lead cross-functional teams exploring, developing, validating, and implementing robust and scalable automation solutions for sample processing workflows to improve efficiency, throughput, quality, and cost for commercial and R&D study samples
  • Identify and evaluate the suitability of commercially available instrumentation, robotics, and software for use in automation of workflows for commercial patient samples and diagnostic product development studies
  • Participate in or lead the design of custom equipment for Genomic Health’s sample processing workflows where no suitable commercially available equipment can be identified
  • Manage engagements with outside engineering partners as necessary to design, build, and test custom equipment and software for use in Genomic Health sample processing workflows
  • Apply Robust Design / Design for Six Sigma principles to the development of automation solutions for Genomic Health workflows
  • Serve as a subject matter expert on automation technologies within Genomic Health, providing expertise in this area to colleagues in the commercial lab, Process Engineering, Biostatistics, Information Technology, and R&D
  • Other duties as assigned


  • An engineering degree and at least 12 years of relevant systems integration experience with complex instrumentation/software and/or automation systems
  • Experience in the design, development, and validation of automated processing equipment and/or instrumentation systems comprised of integrated mechanical and software components
  • A track record of success in understanding complex end-user applications, collecting and clearly documenting end user requirements and translating these into functional / engineering requirements
  • Superb written and oral communication skills, and demonstrated excellence in communicating and collaborating with colleagues and customers from a wide variety of scientific, engineering, operational, and regulatory disciplines across the organization at many different levels
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively lead and participate in cross-functional project teams developing instrumentation/software and/or automation systems
  • Critical thinking skills required to judiciously plan and prioritize project activities for maximum leverage and impact
  • Demonstrated leadership skills to create a vision for success and to align colleagues and stakeholders around a plan to achieve it and then to execute this plan
  • Strong and consistent commitment to quality in the development, validation, and implementation of systems to be used in Genomic Health’s patient sample testing processes
  • Ability to integrate and apply feedback in a professional manner





  • Extensive experience with automation of laboratory workflows using robotics, image analysis software, and related technologies is highly desirable
  • Experience in the use of Robust Design / Design for Six Sigma principles in the design of complex instrumentation and/or automation systems
  • Experience with the design and ongoing support of complex instrumentation and/or automation systems in a diagnostics or other highly regulated environment



  • Some travel (up to 20%) may be required
  • Some lifting (occasionally greater than 50 pounds) may be necessary
  • May be exposed to hazardous materials, instruments with moving parts and lasers

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