Senior Software Engineer

Job Location
San Francisco, CA 94104
Job Description

As a Senior Software Engineer at CollabRx, you will be the key contributor to all software projects and ongoing service offerings. You'll work with a team of PhD biologists and medical professionals to build products that inform therapeutic decision making in oncology.

Responsibilities include:
- Maintaining and extending existing software (Ruby, Elixir, shell)
- Design and development of new products
- Monitoring service operations (AWS EC2 + S3)
- Providing first-tier IT support, and liaising with IT consultants


- Ruby on Rails full-stack experience
-- MySQL database (via ActiveRecord)
-- Capistrano release tooling
-- Amazon EC2 and S3
- Source control experience (Mercurial and Git)

- Elixir/Phoenix full-stack experience
- Neo4j experience
- Atlassian Jira administration experience
- Biology/bioinformatics/genomics background

How to Apply

Send resume and cover letter to: [email protected]

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