Senior Scientist for STARTUP (biotech+software)

Lumio Health
Job Location
Boston, MA 02134
Salary + Equity

Health and dental Insurance, mental health benefits

Job Description

At Lumio Health, we empower people to make health decisions with confidence by giving everyone access to clinical-grade testing at home. This is enabled by unique technology, invented at Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital, that is orders of magnitude more sensitive and more affordable than what’s available at hospitals or clinical labs. Our ambition is to usher in an era of proactive medicine so we can all get the care we need before it’s too costly or too late.

We’re a small, world-class team combining Silicon Valley urgency with East Coast science. We just closed a large Series A led by one of Silicon Valley’s best investors and we’re looking for a strong scientific leader to take the reins of our R&D. You’ll be responsible for building a team capable of executing on ambitious goals, forming the processes and culture to support them, and ultimately for driving forward our scientific progress.


  • Build and run a research team focused on developing our novel assay into a commercial diagnostic product
  • Train your team to master and improve our core technology
  • Orchestrate analysis of our clinical samples in an FDA-compliant manner
  • Drive diversification of our commercial assays while incorporating technology development and biomarker discovery into your research program
  • Explore creative applications of our technology


  • PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology, or similar field
  • Fluency in chemistry (in biological contexts), with experience in bioconjugation
  • Fundamental understanding of kinetic rate theory
  • Competency in math and physics
  • Experience with the design and execution of experiments in a wet lab
  • Leadership experience
  • Ability to communicate results and concepts clearly to scientists and non-scientists
  • Ability to interface on a conceptual level with software engineers


  • Diagnostic commercialization experience (especially with immunoassays)
  • Experience developing easy-to-use diagnostic test systems
  • Experience optimizing multiplexed systems
  • Hardware development experience
  • Programming experience
  • Appreciation of puns


How to Apply

Please visit:

Thank you for your interest! Zhi-Yang Tsun, our Chief Medical Officer will reach out.

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