Senior Scientist – Research & Development -Synthetic Biology

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Cambridge, MA USA,
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Senior Scientist – Research & Development
Location Cambridge, MA
Position summary:
We are seeking a PhD scientist with significant knowledge of molecular biology and biochemistry - to lead our efforts for disruptive synthesis, assembly and error correction of nucleic acids. Reporting to the Director, R&D, the successful candidate will conduct in-depth research and rapid prototyping for DNA and genome assembly. In this role, you will work with genetic manipulation of yeast and bacteria, as well as other in vivo (or in vitro) systems. Simultaneously, you will apply your understanding of molecular interactions between enzymes and surfaces to tackle challenges of surface-based gene and genome assembly. The successful candidate will have demonstrable experience managing multiple projects simultaneously and planning workflows with multi-disciplinary teams in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, start-up environment.


• Lead in-depth research and rapid prototyping in a goal-oriented and milestone-driven manner for assembling complex genes and genomes utilizing both in-vivo and in-vitro approaches
• Develop methodologies to craft a disruptive DNA assembly strategy that allows for exponential increase in base-pair output
• Solve technical issues related to sub-cloning and expression across species
• Aid in development of surface-based gene-assembly and novel DNA immobilization methods
• Design and execution of experiments using complex prototype instruments
• Provide guidance, expertise, and strategy to R&D team on molecular biology, biochemistry, and cellular biology (bacteria, yeast)
• Work with a cross-functional team on transferring platforms and processes to manufacturing
• Analyze/organize data and prepare comprehensive reports/presentations for fellow team members and management to show progress along project timelines.
• Continuously contribute to the company’s intellectual property portfolio by documenting results in laboratory notebooks and databases.
• PhD. in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering or related Biological Sciences required
• 10+ years of experience, preferably in a high-throughput industrial setting
• Demonstrated expertise with molecular biology protocols (subcloning, mutageneis, library construction, next generation sequencing, transfection, primer design, and DNA/protein sequence analysis), automatic liquid handling, and technology development
• Demonstrated expertise in surface functionalization for biological applications, and surface characterization
• Hands-on experience with cutting edge DNA assembly and cloning methods (e.g. SLIC, Gibson, CPEC, Golden Gate, etc.)
• Demonstrated experience in taking basic research through to product development and/or technology transfer is highly desirable.
• Demonstrated success in planning and management of multiple projects/workflows.
• Knowledge of computing software for DNA analysis, as well as working knowledge in bioinformatics and statistical methods
• Basic software scripting (i.e: Python) experience a plus
• Must be highly motivated with exceptional communication, laboratory, and teamwork skills.
• Demonstrated ability to work independently, as well as part of a team of scientists and engineers in a fluid, fast-paced environment.
• A high level of commitment and a track record of high quality work, with attention to detail.
Send resume & cover letter to: [email protected].
Please briefly describe your skills, knowledge, and experience with the Required Qualifications in your cover letter/email.
At Gen9, we are transforming Synthetic Biology through our high-volume, automated next generation synthesis of DNA constructs and libraries. As researchers’ understanding of gene sequence data increases, their ability to design and improve genes, pathways and organisms using synthetic biology techniques will also increase. Gen9 is helping catalyze this new biological revolution with large amounts of high quality, inexpensive genes.
Gen9 has produced the first ‘fab’ for synthetic biology – the BioFab® platform, which was chosen by “The Scientist” as the #1 innovation of 2012. The Gen9 BioFab® platform was conceived, designed and implemented to fill the gene synthesis void.

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