Senior Scientist Imaging Mass Spectrometry position

Job Location
885 avenue Eugène Avinée
59120 Loos
Job Description

We are looking for an experienced mass spectrometrist with in depth knowledge in the area of MS imaging to join our team in the Research and Development department group. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing tools and applications and analyzing drug candidates and biomarkers in various in vitro and in vivo samples.
The mass spectrometry specialist will support the innovation in DMPK, ADME and Bio-Analysis applications in collaboration with well-known companies across US and Europe.

The mass spectrometry specialist will be responsible for developing and improving technical aspects of MSI with in vitro and in vivo samples including cells, sub-cellular fractions, tissues and plasma, bile samples. The individual will be an integral part of the DMPK project team and expected to work collaboratively to enable successful progression of the Mass Spectrometry Imaging projects.


PhD or equivalent experience in the area of mass spectrometry with particular focus on
mass spectrometry imaging MS.
Experience with UPLC separation techniques and various mass spectrometry
instrumentation in particular accurate mass and MALDI instruments is a must.
Experience with secondary ion mass spectrometry is also expected.
Expertise in different ionization techniques and their application to analysis of drugs and
An understanding of drug discovery and development projects and bioanalysis,
biotransformation and biodistribution of drug candidates.
Track record of working collaboratively in project teams to ensure timely delivery of
project goals.
Experience in supervising junior scientists and leading scientific projects.
Fluent in English
Passion for delivering and promoting excellence in science.

How to Apply

Jonathan Stauber at
+33 320 164 091 and [email protected]

Welcome with your application no later than February 15, 2016.

About Our Organization

ImaBiotech ( is a contract research organization (CRO) that offers services in mass spectrometry imaging (MSI); along with developing and implementing new imaging technologies, such as Quantinetix™ and Multimaging™. The main facility is located in Europe (Lille, France), with an office in North America (Cambridge, MA) and a distributor in Asia (Tokyo, Japan). In order to accelerate drug development, ImaBiotech offers Mass Spectrometry Services, such as MALDI high resolution mass spectrometry imaging to provide a cost effective solution to preclinical and clinical studies. This molecular technique is used both qualitatively and quantitatively for understanding the efficacy and toxicity of drug candidates.

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