Senior Scientist Epithelial Biologist

Spyryx Biosciences
Job Location
Durham, NC
Job Description

Spyryx Biosciences is a private, venture-backed, biopharmaceutical company developing next generation inhaled therapeutics to address severe respiratory diseases. The Company is pursuing the modulation of a novel biological pathway to restore normal mucociliary clearance via increasing the liquid volume on the lung airway surface. Spyryx has recently completed a Series A round of funding with top-tier investors to advance its lead compound into clinical development for cystic fibrosis (CF) with a parallel preclinical effort in additional pulmonary indications. The Company’s novel biology and innovative technology, combined with an exceptional team and strong financing, make this an exciting opportunity to put your fingerprints on the development of important new therapies for patients with high unmet needs. 

Spyryx is currently seeking an Epithelial Biologist to join our research team whose primary responsibility will be to perform translational research into the pathogenesis and treatment of lung disease through the study of CFTR, ENaC, other ion channels, and signal transduction pathways related to cell differentiation and environmental sensing. Technical expertise in biochemistry, biophysics, fluorescent imaging, development of novel in vitro and in vivo assays to assess compound efficacy, along with experience in Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, surface biotinylation, electrochemical techniques, and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis of animal models of lung disease are highly preferred.


• PhD in physiology, cell biology, biochemistry or related field 
• 2-4 yrs. Postdoctoral experience required 
• 0-5 yrs. Industrial experience with supervisory duties desired 
• Expertise and demonstrated knowledge in primary epithelial culture 
• Experience with husbandry and treatment of animal models of respiratory diseases 
• Experience problem-solving translational hurdles using innovative thought and good scientific judgment 
• Understanding of respiratory drug delivery and PK principles in the lung 
• The ability to appreciate medical/clinical applications of respiratory research programs 

This position will be based at Spyryx’ facility in Durham, NC.

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