Senior Scientist - Consumable Process Development

10X Genomics
Job Location
San Francisco Bay Area, CA 94566
Job Description

10X is looking for an outstanding individual to join its consumable and reagents development team. This person will be responsible for taking products and processes from concept feasibility through to production for commercialization.  The position requires utilization of your deep understanding of sample preparation for NGS and other nucleic acid based chemistries for product and process development.   Other functions include specifying the commercialization infrastructure required to deliver products to the required physical and performance specifications. The idea candidate will have a PhD or equivalent depth of knowledge and experience in Molecular biology or Biochemistry, with peripheral knowledge in Analytical and/or Chemical Engineering.

Key Responsibility

  • Develop and optimize sample preparation chemistries for Next Generation Sequencing platforms. Includes development of novels chemistries in ligation, attachment, amplification, single strand recovery, and clean up.
  • Experimentation to develop a deep understanding of the underlying reaction mechanisms, cause and effect, failure modes, guard band studies and optimization using DOE methodologies.
  • Characterization of these products using both functional testing and analytical test methods.
  • Accurate analysis of performance and test data, and establish a correlation against product requirements.
  • Ability to transfer these chemistries into a commercial manufacturing process.
  • Develop QC methods, production processes to be used in the routine manufacturing of these products.
  • Verification that products manufactured to defined processes meet all requirements.
  • PhD in Molecular Biology or Biochemistry, with additional knowledge in Analytical Chemistry and/or Chemical Engineering.
  • 5 years relevant experience developing successful products in life science applications, such a nucleic acid sample preparation, DNA sequencing, PCR or other nucleic acid based technologies.
  • Deep understanding of mechanisms and components required for optimization, such as commercially available enzymes and key attributes.
  • Ability to design meaningful experiments and in depth analysis of results. Experience using statistical tools, such as JMP, is beneficial.
  • Experience with lab automation tools is a plus.
  • Ability to develop, validate and transfer process to manufacturing or OEM vendors.
  • Desire to be part of a rapidly evolving organization, with a compelling technology, and taking products and processes to the next level.
How to Apply
About Our Organization

10x Genomics meets the critical need for long range, structural and cellular information, with an innovative system that transforms short-read sequencing technologies. Our ChromiumTM System supports comprehensive genomics and high-throughput single cell transcriptomics. It enables researchers to discover previously inaccessible genomic information at unprecedented scale, including phased structural variants, phased single nucleotide variants, and dynamic gene expression of individual cells—while leveraging their existing sequencing systems and workflows.


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