Senior Scientist

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Job Location
601 Genome Way
Huntsville, AL 35806
Job Description



Dr. Richard M. Myers is President and Science Director of HudsonAlpha Institute. His laboratory works closely with other Faculty Investigators at HudsonAlpha, particularly with Drs. Sara Cooper and Greg Cooper and their laboratories, to develop and apply high throughput DNA sequencing and functional genomics technologies to study human biology and a variety of diseases. Projects include studies of multiple types of cancer, neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders, gene:environment relationships, and basic human genetics. Many of these projects also have opportunities for integration of multiple genomic datasets. See: and



The Senior Scientist provides continuity in the research laboratory as post doctoral research staff necessarily progress to independent work in other settings. The Senior Scientist is dedicated to the day-to-day laboratory research efforts, working directly toward laboratory objectives or in support of them. The Senior Scientist does not have the responsibility of securing funding or resourcing projects, and thus is available as an immediately accessible resource for the laboratory staff in the absence or unavailability of the faculty investigator.

  • Contributes to original research under the guidance of Faculty Investigator
  • Provides expertise in research program design, conduct and analysis
  • Assists in the mentoring and teaching of research staff, including post-docs and graduate students
  • Helps ensure that the research methods and ultimate work product are reflective of the highest scientific standards of integrity, quality and confidence
  • Co-authors publication of research findings in high-quality scientific journals 
  • Exhibits deep curiosity and enthusiasm for discovery, encouraging and sustaining the laboratory team even in the case of unexpected setbacks; embraces the ever-changing scientific environment



Education and Experience: 

  • Doctoral degree from accredited institution in life sciences, biostatistics, or related field
  • Extensive laboratory and research experience that introduces or enhances a unique research capability at HudsonAlpha
  • A track record of high quality research work as evidenced by manuscripts published in top-tier  journals


Required Skills:

  • Experience mentoring and teaching research staff, particularly post-docs and graduate students
  • Ability to exercise judgment and distinguish issues that require involvement of faculty investigator
  • Experience advising on research methodology and analysis , as well as ability to interpret laboratory results and provide conclusions
  • Demonstrated ability to advance projects, managing multiple tasks and priorities
  • Proficiency with laboratory software, tools and equipment
About Our Organization

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is a non-profit organization with the mission to use biotechnology and basic biological research to make important discoveries, improve human health, stimulate economic development, inspire young people to seek careers in science and teach members of the public the importance of science in their everyday lives. Located in Cummings Research Park in Huntsville, Alabama, one of the world’s leading science and technology parks, HudsonAlpha’s campus contains state-of-the-art laboratories for biological research and development, as well as education, in the areas of genomics, genetics and personalized medicine. 

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