Senior Scientist

Rong Chen Lab Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Job Location
1255 Fifth Avenue, Suite C2
New York, NY 10029
Job Description

The Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology at Mount Sinai is seeking a talented, motivated, and passionate individual to drive leading edge research and development as part of the Cancer Genomics and Clinical Genome Informatics groups.  You will become part of an interdisciplinary team of bioinformaticians, geneticists, molecular and cell biologists, “big data” scientists, and clinicians engaged in translational research and clinical projects across multiple disease areas.  You will be part of a team that develops and maintains an internal knowledge base for cancer genomics and clinical oncology (cancer precision medicine knowledgebase).  In this role, you will actively build, update, and document our cancer precision medicine knowledgebase. These efforts will involve integration of cell/molecular biology, cancer biology, and clinical cancer pharmacology.



  • Lead role in developing standards for curation of findings from large-scale cancer genomic studies and cancer medicine resources/knowledge bases
  • Lead role in the curation of findings from public and commercial cancer medicine resources/knowledge bases
  • Assist in the development of novel approaches in personalized cancer medicine
  • Maintain a command of current literature in cancer genomics and personalized cancer therapy
  • Take a lead role in maintenance of the internal knowledge base
  • Manage junior scientists and develop clear presentations of knowledge base development progress

Experience desired

  • Ph.D. in Genomics, Molecular/Cell Biology, Cancer Biology, or related fields
  • Previous experience with genetic variant curation
  • Hands-on experience in Molecular/Cellular Biology, Cancer Biology, Pharmacology, or Genomics.
  • Record of success in problem solving as demonstrated by high quality publications
  • Experience with meeting deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience with projects related to personalized medicine (preferred)
  • Experience with SQL and database maintenance (preferred)
How to Apply

Send resumes to

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