Senior Research Scientist, Protein Scientist

Promexus Limited
Job Location
United Kingdom
up to £45,000 per annum
Job Description

We require a highly motivated Protein Scientist who has had previous experience of working on protein binding fragment technologies in either the biotech/pharma sector. Your role will be to express and biophysically characterise Affimers generated by phage display, identify leads with good drug development properties, engineer leads with half-life extension technologies and produce high quality material for pre-clinical studies. Main Duties & Responsibilities • Clone , express and purify lead Affimers for protein characterisation work, binding studies and stability testing • Engineer Affimers with serum half- life extension technologies (e.g. as Fc-fusions) • Carry out optimisation studies to increase Affimer production from microbial hosts • Develop bench scale protein purification protocols using conventional chromatography resins to purify gram quantities of Affimer • Set up and carry out HPLC based assays to characterise Affimers (e.g. size exclusion, reverse phase chromatography etc.) • Carry out accelerated stability studies on Affimers and characterise changes that may occur • Clone, express and purify recombinant proteins using a range of expression systems including CHO/HEK and fully characterise them using a range of methods • Produce high quality Affimer and tool molecules for pre-clinical studies • Maintaining a current and accurate laboratory record (lab notebook) of all activities


Essential skills and previous experience: • A PhD in protein biochemistry, protein engineering or molecular biology with a minimum of 5 years’ laboratory experience of working with therapeutic protein scaffolds and antibodies • Standard DNA manipulation/cloning techniques and protein engineering including working with a range of protein expression platforms (bacterial, Pichia and mammalian) • Mammalian cell culture, transforming, culturing and maintaining cells for protein production • Practical knowledge of the AKTA purification platform and Unicorn software and using conventional chromatography resins e.g. ion exchange • Developing HPLC based assays for protein characterisation • Excellent knowledge of a range of methodologies to characterise proteins (e.g. Biacore, ELISA, Western blot) • Motivated self-starter who can work independently and collaboratively in a dynamic team environment with a conscientious attitude and enthusiasm • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills with the ability to interpret complex data • Organised with an ability to work well under pressure and to challenging timelines

How to Apply

To apply please forward your cover letter and CV, including details of your current / expected salary, to

About Our Organization

Promexus is a new biotechnology company exploring the opportunity to develop Affimers as an antibody mimetic platform. Affimers are a novel protein scaffold based on the human protease inhibitor Stefin A. We aim to establish Affimers as a therapeutic scaffold to support the growing demand for the next generation of biotherapeutics that will be superior to the current market leader, monoclonal antibodies. Based at the Stevenage Biosciences Catalyst, we are now actively looking to expand the team to support the development of our own proprietary Affimer based product pipeline focussing on oncology and inflammatory diseases.

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