Senior Research Associate - Next Generation Sequencing

Cibus US LLC
Job Location
6455 Nancy Ridge Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

Cibus US LLC provides an attractive compensation and benefits package that includes medical/dental/vision, flexible spending, 401(k) plan, vacation and sick leave.

Job Description

Cibus US LLC, a leading Agricultural Biotechnology company in San Diego CA, has an immediate opening for a Senior Research Associate position in Next Generation Sequencing.  A minimum of 2 to 5 years’ experience with a Bachelors, or 0-2 years’ experience with a Masters in Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics or a related field is preferred.


The position will play a key contributing role for Cibus’ NGS platform supporting its patented RTDS™ gene editing technology. The successful candidate will be expected to help build an analysis pipeline and perform data analysis on a range of NGS projects related to multiple RTDS programs in commercial crops and microorganisms.  The position will involve a high level of collaboration across research teams providing technical expertise that will help shape project directions and outcomes.

  • Demonstrated ability to successfully analyze a variety of NGS projects such as targeted amplicon and/or whole genome sequencing.

  • Expertise with programming language such as Python, Ruby, Perl, R and/or commercial packages such as CLC Genomics Workbench.

  • Experience with NGS library preparation is beneficial.

  • Understanding of a broad suite of molecular biology techniques including PCR-based NGS library preparation and qPCR genotyping.

  • Prior experience with either Illumina or PacBio platforms is beneficial.

  • Must be able to plan, execute, monitor and report on multiple projects.

  • Demonstrated ability to be independent, self-motivated, and enjoy working in a highly collaborative setting.

  • Able to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

  • Effective communication through report writing and oral presentation.

  • Prior experience working in an Agricultural Biotechnology setting desired, but not essential.


This position offers an excellent opportunity for a highly motivated individual to learn, grow and lead basic science and product development in an exciting and dynamic environment focused on cutting edge gene editing technology.

How to Apply

Please e-mail resume to Please use job code: MB1526.


About Our Organization

Founded in 2001, Cibus has developed plant and microbial platforms enabling it to become a world leader in precision gene editing, generally, and advanced non-transgenic breeding, specifically. The Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS™), its proprietary technology for non-transgenic breeding, enables site-specific edits of native genes with no introduction of foreign DNA. The precise and predictable outcomes can replicate products developed using traditional mutagenesis and are identical to those that could occur in nature, given enough time. Consequently, these plants are not considered transgenic, the key attributes of GMO crops.

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