Senior Research Associate, Lead Discovery Team

Adaptive Biotechnologies
Job Location
329 Oyster Point Blvd
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Job Description

Position Overview

As a Senior Research Associate you will be working with the team developing new assays that will fuel the discovery of clinically useful biomarkers and therapeutic candidates. You will implement a variety of cellular assays aimed at identification of T and B cell subsets. You will also play a key role in the design and implementation of read-outs for T cell antigen-specificity and effector function, with minimal supervision. You will also be accountable for coordinating general lab maintenance tasks such as ordering reagents, restocking lab consumables, and regular upkeep of lab equipment.



  • Implement complex cellular assays (flow cytometry, lymphocyte quantification, T cell stimulation, etc.)
  • Culture and maintain cell lines for cell-based assays
  • Manage cell stock inventory
  • Coordinate day-to-day lab activities including equipment maintenance, reagent orders, restocking consumables, etc.
  • models
  • Effectively works and communicates with group members and other groups in a dynamic and fast paced environment in order to accomplish goals




  • BS in biological sciences
  • 7+ years lab experience in immunology or a related field
  • Experience with cell culture and aseptic technique
  • Experience with multiparametric flow cytometry
  • Experience with handling human tissue specimens (blood, etc.)


  • Proficiency with cell transfection and viral vector-based cell infection
  • Experience with animal models
  • Familiarity with BSL-2 protocols and best-practices
  • Experience training and managing lab members and overseeing projects
About Our Organization

ARE YOU ADAPTIVE? We’re driving groundbreaking research in cancer and other immune-mediated diseases that translates into novel clinical diagnostics and innovative therapeutics. We are at the forefront of immune-based discoveries, transforming the future state of health through our disruptive, proprietary immunosequencing technology. With strong financial footing and rapid growth, we are looking for the brightest, most passionate and collaborative innovators to join us.

At Adaptive, you'll be challenged, you'll be inspired, and you'll be proud to be part of an innovative organization making a real impact on improving the quality of life globally. No matter what your role is, you'll find a diverse, team-driven, fun culture where your contributions truly count. #BeingAdaptive

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