Senior Microbiologist

4D Pharma Research Limited
Job Location
United Kingdom
£38,000 - £40,000
Job Description

Applications are invited for the role of Senior Microbiologistto join the research team at 4D Pharma Research Ltd in Aberdeen (UK). The successful candidate will provide scientific expertise and leadershiptotheproprietary MicroRx platform, for the early discovery of new LBPs in novel therapeutic areas.The successful candidate will investigate the mechanisms through which bacterial candidates confer disease protection on the host. This involvesmining of the 4D bacterial culture collection for identification of microbial molecules and pathwaysimportant for host interaction. An extensive knowledge of host-microbe communication, ideally in the field of gut microbiome research, is therefore crucial to this position. A background in metabolomics/proteomicsis highly desirable along with proven expertise inmicrobial genetics. The post-holder will have the opportunity to engage in the wider research activities of the 4D Pharma Research team, write up results in the form of reports and publications, present research outcomes at meetings, and generate intellectual property.

  • A PhD with relevant post-doctoral or industry experience (>3-4 years) in microbiology or a related discipline
  • Solid experience in a range of (anaerobic)microbiologicaltechniques andproven expertise in assay development
  • Experience with bacterial protein purification,analysis of bacterial metabolites andgenome mining
  • Thorough understanding of the gut microbiome and host-microbe interactions
  • Highly motivated and innovative with the ability to work independently and integrate into a multidisciplinary team of microbiologists and molecular biologists
  • Good organisational and communication skills proven by previous line management and supervision experience
About Our Organization

4D Pharma PLC is a pharmaceutical company focussed on developing therapeutics from the human gut microbiome. Live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) derived from the gut microbiome represent a new class of drugs that contain live organisms for the prevention, treatment or cure of disease. 4D Pharma is a world leader in the LBP field and currently has two clinical stage programmes (in IBS and IBD) and a strong pipeline of pre-clinical programmes in autoimmunity, inflammation, oncology and CNS disease.

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