Senior Genome Informatician (Genomics and Bioinformatics)

SA Pathology
Job Location
Adelaide SA
$106,563 - $116,401

Full-time, Ongoing

Job Description

Working with an enthusiastic team of clinical, scientific and technical staff in the exciting and expanding area of clinical genomics, this is a great opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of South Australians. The incumbent will work in diagnostic and clinical translational genomics to improve diagnoses of genetic diseases including inherited genetic disorders and cancer. Our laboratory has strong clinical partnerships to spearhead clinical implementation of genomics and has recently received national accreditation for whole-exome sequencing for diagnostic applications. 
The Senior Genome Informatician oversees the delivery of bioinformatics analysis and software solutions for high-throughput genetic testing by applying high level technical expertise to implement and maintain genome analysis pipelines for diagnostic application. Working collaboratively with Unit Heads and service development scientists, the Senior Genome Informatician will determine the most efficient way to deliver bioinformatics and genome analysis pipelines to meet service requirements for genetic diagnoses.
The Senior Genome Informatician contributes to defining best-practise standards for bioinformatics and genomic analysis in the Directorate and contributes to national and international genomic initiatives to advance clinical genomics. The incumbent will participate in research activities, including research publications and applications for funding, as appropriate. 


Appointment will be subject to a satisfactory Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) Criminal History Check

About Our Organization

SA Pathology is the statewide pathology provider for the public health sector, an institution recognised for the highest standards of medical testing and research.

We provide a complete diagnostic and clinical service for our patients and the South Australian population - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

SA Pathology delivers quality pathology to medical practitioners and public and private hospitals through a linked system of laboratories across the state – from branch laboratories in rural and regional hospitals, general laboratories in metropolitan hospitals and specialist laboratories responsible for tertiary referral – and through a network of patient centres which cover all of the state’s major population centres.

We are investing in interconnected ICT/computer systems across our laboratories and worksites for better, faster communication through use of improved technology, while ensuring developments are clinically and scientifically led in order to guarantee patient safety and maintain service excellence.

It means wherever you live, you receive the highest standards of diagnostic testing and reporting to improve patient outcomes.

SA Pathology is seen as the quality benchmark for comprehensive pathology practice, based on our experience over 75 years. Our scientific achievements and ongoing support of medical research and training underpins our activity as an integral part of South Australia’s public and private health system and ensures public confidence in our organisation.

Delivering the highest standards of personal care in our patients’ pathology needs, we know South Australians continue to recognise SA Pathology’s reputation for accessible, timely and accurate service and respond by selecting us as their pathology provider of choice.

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