Senior DevOps/Test Engineer

Pacific Biosciences
Job Location
1380 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Job Description

Do you want to use your software engineering talent to solve problems of real scientific and medical importance?  Do you have a desire to be part of a company creating cutting edge technology that is uncovering the mysteries of life itself?  In other words, do you want to work somewhere other than a search or social networking company on something pretty cool?  Pacific Biosciences is seeking a talented DevOps and Test engineer to build automated software build and deployment systems.  The candidate will also write automated test systems to test sophisticated numerical algorithms, infrastructure code, including well designed APIs and manage heterogeneous computing hardware systems in support of our development teams.  PacBio is not an ordinary company; we are developing complex instruments that produce SMRT (Single Molecule, Real Time) sequencing data, which addresses a myriad of diverse scientific application areas in the Life Sciences arena.  The candidate will develop robust, reliable and performant software infrastructure components, documentation and tests that enable our team to rapidly create a diversity of software solutions.

•             Work in an exciting multi-disciplinary organization of software and hardware engineers, bioinformaticians, chemists, and molecular biologists developing state-of-the-art, single-molecule, genomic analysis systems.
•             Create, maintain and troubleshoot automated build and deployment systems for distributing our software packages to our instruments and customer computing systems worldwide.
•             Design and write automated functional and unit tests and support developers to troubleshoot system issues or assist in system-level integration.
•             Write design and functional specifications as well as test plans for peer review; maintain software development practices adhering to company standards for coding and unit/functional test coverage.


•             B.S. in computer science, electrical engineering or in physical science disciplines; 
•             An expert in creating system build and deployment solutions with at least 5 years of implementation experience on Linux.
•             At least 5 years of experience developing reusable components, automated tests, utilizing formal software development processes, employing best practices.
•             Demonstrated experience developing in multiple high and low level programming languages:  C, C++, Perl, Python, Java, or Ruby experience is a plus.
•             At least 3 years of experience administering and/or maintain Linux based systems in production facing environment.

Desired Skills and Experience:         
•             Experience creating and maintaining Jenkins jobs.
•             Experience maintaining software projects under source control with p4, git, svn, or similar.
•             Experience with general administrative activities associated with complex software module builds and computer hardware and software bringup.
•             Experience with the Intel Xeon Phi computing platform and FPGAs used for algorithmic solutions.
•             Understanding of FDA compliance regulations.
•             Experience in a computer or electronics hardware manufacturing environment.
•             Experience using embedded Linux in equipment designed for sale to external customers.
•             Internal and/or external customer support experience.

Preference is shown to candidates with strong analytical and development skills who demonstrate the capability to bring solutions beyond the prototype stage for deployment in performance-critical production software.

About Our Organization

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Pacific Biosciences provides sophisticated genomic analysis systems that deliver invaluable insights for scientists who strive to resolve complex genetic challenges.

In an effort to push the boundaries of molecular biology, our founders invented a new way to study the synthesis and regulation of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Harnessing advances in biochemistry, optics, nanofabrication, and more, we developed Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing technology. This powerful technology transforms the understanding of biological systems by enabling real-time analysis of biomolecules with single-molecule resolution.

PacBio sequencing offers the most comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes — including the full spectrum of genetic variation — by providing the longest average read lengths, highest consensus accuracy, and most uniform coverage of any sequencing technology on the market today. Ideal for de novo genome assembly and genetic variation characterization of humans, animals, plants, and microbes, this system features high-performance optics, automated liquid handling, and an intuitive, intelligent operating system.

We are passionate about developing high-quality, innovative technologies and systems that impact areas of critical importance, including the diagnosis and treatment of disease and efforts to improve the world’s food and energy supply. We believe that our tools will lead to advances that will create long-lasting benefits for the world and its future. 

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