Senior Data Scientist

Roche Sequencing - Ariosa Diagnostics
Job Location
San Jose, CA

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Job Description

The Bioinformatics, Data Analysis and Statistics (BDAS) group at Ariosa Diagnostics, now part of Roche Sequencing, in San Jose, CA is seeking a motivated Senior Data Scientist to join the team. Come join this highly talented and multi-disciplinary team of bioinformaticians, software engineers, and statisticians, and help us develop the next generation of paradigm-shifting molecular diagnostics products that have the potential to improve the quality of healthcare worldwide! The successful incumbent will devote all of his or her professional effort to exploring various high-dimensional datasets to improve the quality of our existing products and to develop new content for future products. The ideal candidate will be passionate about large and complex DNA datasets. Learn more about Ariosa Diagnostics at


We seek an individual with a successful track record who is comfortable with a fast-paced environment. The ideal candidate will have:

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Physics, or related disciplines with 10+ years of experience. Master's or Ph.D. degree preferred.
Extensive experience working with large datasets. Experience with scientific data management preferred. Experience with genetic, oncology, and next-generation sequencing data is also a plus.
Experience developing in C# preferred. Also of value: C++, Java, and/or Python
Experience using statistical software such as R, S-plus, or SAS. Experience developing in R is preferred.
Strong communication skills with the ability to maintain open communication with fellow employees, managers, and customers as needed.
Ability to work as part of a team.

About Our Organization

As pioneers in sequencing with a rich heritage in diagnostics, Roche's Sequencing Unit is committed to a future that fosters innovation to provide solutions that enable scientific discovery and deliver clinical value – We are Changing Science and Changing Lives.

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