Senior Content Scientist (3099)

Job Location
1700 Seaport Blvd. 3rd. Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063
Job Description

Position  Descriptions:





As a member of the Content group,   you will join a dynamic cross-functional team composed of biologists,   ontologists, and software engineers working on truly cutting-edge technology.   This is an excellent opportunity for individuals with training in biology or   medicine to contribute to the advancement of science. The Content group is   responsible for the development of the Ingenuity Knowledge Base and its   integration into QIAGEN’s Ingenuity product line, supporting interpretation   of ‘omics data including expression studies and genomic data.
  As Content Scientist, you will have a major role in the curation group,   including in the development and implementation of an updated curation   protocol and advanced curation tools. We are responsible for curation of a   variety of sources of biomedical content on topics such as the genetics of   disease and molecular and cellular biology. Within this effort, the Content   Scientist will work on the collaborative development, testing, and refinement   of content curation protocols, will test and supply feedback on curation   tools, and will contribute to the training the other members of the curation   team in the use of the newly developed tools and procedures. Content   Scientists also suggest and help implement methods of increasing our   productivity while maintaining high standards of scientific content quality.
  We seek an experienced curator with an eye for detail and an enthusiasm for   protocol development to join our dynamic multidisciplinary team.



Position   Requirements: (Knowledge, Skills, And   Abilities).
  - Excellent attention to detail
  - Excellent written and oral communication skills
  - Excellent technical writing skills
  Minimum Experience:

  - 3+ years experience in curation of the biological/biomedical literature
  - Experience in training others in scientific curation using defined   specifications and protocol
  Preferred Experience:

  - Experience in development of curation protocols and tools
  - Experience working with biological/biomedical ontologies
  - Experience in human or clinical genetics
  - Experience using Ingenuity products


Position   Requirements:




- Excellent critical and   analytical thinking with strong attention to detail.
  - Energetic and open-minded individual with excellent verbal and written   communication skills.
  - Willingness and enthusiasm to learn and practice new technologies and   skills as needed to get the job done.


  MD or PhD in the biological sciences, preferably in field relating directly   to human genetics or human disease.

How to Apply

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