Senior Computational Biologist

Job Location
3696 Haven Avenue
Redwood City, CA 94063
Job Description


Synthego is looking for a Senior Computational Biologist to join our team and help create the world’s first fully automated cloud-enabled molecular biology lab.

You will be responsible for leading the design and implementation of a comprehensive informatics platform within Synthego to better understand genome engineering using CRISPR-based approaches. This role requires a balance of subject-matter expertise, technical depth, and forward-looking vision.



  • Architect and deploy NGS analysis pipelines using open source software tools
  • Architect and implement multimodal informatics pipelines, integrating data from a variety of production and experiment data sets
  • Provide bioinformatics support for sgRNA guide design tools (sequence properties, off target editing, etc)
  • Work with our Commercial Software team to improve capabilities of Synthego design tool software
  • Design and plan a comprehensive system for managing genome editing data at Synthego
  • Work with a team to implement, maintain and continuously improve a broad informatics system 
  • Lead a forward-looking vision Synthego’s expanding informatics capabilities, including but not limited to:


  1. Systems for automated experiment generation
  2. Machine learning systems applied to genome editing outcomes
  3. Biophysical modeling of CRISPR editing mechanisms
  4. Multiscale simulations, from editing mechanic to systems biology
  5. Write high quality, robust source code with clear documentation


  • PhD in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Genomics, or Computer Science with cross disciplinary understanding of all topics
  • Possess a start-up mentality
  • Deep understanding of biological systems 
  • Experience and comfort working with large, disparate types of informatics data 
  • Familiarity with both open source packages and the ability to develop software tools from scratch
  • Strong programming skills (Python, R, C++ and others)


Bonus Qualifications

  • 3-5 years of industry or postdoctoral experience
  • Experience with Next Generation Sequencing
  • Numpy, scipy, panda, bioconductor
  • Working knowledge of genomic databases and analysis tools


Company Perks & Benefits 

 * Competitive salary

* Generous equity at an early stage company

* Robust medical, dental and vision benefits

* 401k Plan


How to Apply


- Please submit your application through this link:

- If you have any problems getting access to the career page, email me:


About Our Organization


Synthego is turning molecular biology into an information science. We're building hardware facilities that abstract biological syntheses and research into software.

Our vision is to bring automation to genome engineering, enabling scientists to run their own fully-automated laboratory at low cost, performing millions of controlled, repeatable experiments per day without human error.

Founded by former SpaceX engineers, Synthego is a leading provider of genome engineering solutions.  The company’s flagship product, CRISPRevolution, is a portfolio of synthetic RNA designed for CRISPR genome editing and research.

We are venture backed by Founders Fund, Menlo Ventures, 8VC, and WI Harper. 

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