Senior Clinical Scientist-Cancer Genetics

GENEID-Advanced Molecular Diagnostics, LLC
Job Location
Ramsey, NJ
Job Description

We a seeking an M.D. or D.O. to work in our DNA Sequencing Clinical Lab as Senior Clinical Scientist.  We are a growing, CLIA and CAP accredited laboratory specializing in Next Generation Sequencing with several hereditary predictive risk and solid tumor cancer tests.

This position will report directly to the Scientific Director.

Responsibilities Include:

-Identifying, researching and interpreting sequencing variants in exome cases.  
-Assessing variants’ clinical relevance.
-Establishing phenotype/­genotype links in patient data and reviewing clinical test reports. 
-Performing final technical review of sequencing (Sanger and Next ­Generation) and other molecular data. 
- Performing bioinformatics analysis and literature searches to provide clinical interpretation of variants.

-Raw data interpretation for genetic and somatic tests.
-Generating clinical reports for health care providers.
-Addressing inquiries from physicians and their staff.


Strong background in Molecular Biology/Genetics


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