Senior Bioinformatician

Job Location
United Kingdom
Job Description

QIAGEN Manchester is a world leading centre for molecular diagnostic applications, expanding and enhancing the delivery of life improving diagnostic systems for existing and emerging medical needs focusing in the areas of infectious disease and personalized healthcare.

This role, based in the Statistics Department at Manchester UK, is responsible for providing key bioinformatics expertise for our Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) programme.  The position liaises with project team and scientific staff at Manchester and also at other Qiagen sites in Europe and USA.

The responsibilities of the Senior Bioinformatician are:


  • Provide bioinformatics leadership and support to the NGS programme

  • Develop and implement a next generation sequencing analysis pipeline,  incorporating Qiagen BioX (formerly CLC Genomics) software

  • Liaise closely with project and scientific staff on next generation sequencing PCR assay design and development, data processing and reporting.  

  • Provide inputs into study design for assay development and verification, preparing the Statistical Considerations section of the protocol.

  • Analyse genomic data and reports results.  Code SAS programs for data processing, statistical analysis and the generation of Tables, Figures and Listings. 


requirements, qualifications and experiences:

  • Qualified to MSc (or higher) in Bioinformatics

  • Experienced in bioinformatics software applications including read alignment and variant detection software, scripting tools (e.g. Perl, Java, C++) and search algorithms (e.g. BLAST)

  • Strong knowledge of genomics and biology.  Experience of genetic variant databases (e.g. COSMIC), clinical databases (e.g. and variant interpretation software (e.g.  Ingenuity) to support in silico assay design

  • Statistics knowledge and software applications (e.g. SAS, R)

  • Both new graduates and candidates already experienced in the analysis of high throughput sequencing data are encouraged to apply

Desirable Personal Attributes

  • Leadership skills

  • Demonstrates accountability

  • Able to innovate and take initiative

  • Continuous learning and application of new skills and knowledge

  • Able to work as part of a team, liaising with colleagues across different departments and locations

  • Able to communicate effectively

How to Apply

please forward your resume to [email protected]

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