Senior Associate, Bio-Process Development

Cepheid - US
Job Location
Bothell, Washington, United States, 98021,
Job Description

The successful applicant will work as a member of the Bio-Process Development Group to engineer and manufacture recombinant proteins including recombinant enzymes. Will mainly contribute to the downstream process development of the protein expression and production.


  • Develop robust and efficient processes for protein purification.

  • Collaborate with the upstream process development function to clarify and process batch production lots of protein expression and production cultures.

  • Analyze and characterize the recombinant proteins.

  • Carry out protein modification, manipulation and conjugation.

  • Support protein engineering and upstream process development effort when needed.

  • Evaluate and implement new technologies for protein purification and downstream process development.

  • Maintain development data record, and generate SOP, development report and document for process transfer.

  • Motivate to perform in the cooperative cross functional setting to optimize the protein engineering and production function.

  • BS in Biochemistry or related field with 8+ years of relevant industry experience or MS in Biochemistry or related field with 5+ years of relevant industry experience.

  • Experience in protein purification and purification process development setting is essential.

  • In-depth experience with chromatography systems, flow filtration methods, protein analysis and characterization, and protein folding and protein conjugation are necessary.

  • Hands-on experience in downstream process transfer.

  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills are necessary.

  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively on cross functional teams to achieve objectives.

  • Excellent communication, inter-personal and organizational skills are required.

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