Scientist/Staff Scientist/Associate Manager, Translational Genetics

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
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Tarrytown, NY
Job Description

We are looking to hire two Scientist/Associate Managers- Staff Scientist/Managers in the Translational Genetics group. The position will take on responsibilities for the design, execution, and interpretation of genetics studies, as part of the Translational Genetics team, and in collaboration with Analytical Genetics team and the genome sequencing and informatics production teams. Primary responsibilities will be at the level of a project leader for the analysis component of genetics discovery projects. Goals of the team will be to apply genetics to target discovery, selecting indications for drug programs, and patient/disease stratification through genetic association analyses and functional biology studies.

Responsibilities will include leading the analysis of genetics projects spanning family to population based approaches and coordinating with other functional teams within the center, research and clinical scientists at Regeneron, and external collaborators. Additional responsibilities below:
• Project leader within a clinical/translational genetics team consisting of human genetics scientists, bioinformaticians, or other required staff to execute genetics studies and projects.
• Lead the design, execution, and interpretation of genetics studies at the project level for the center and collaborate with external partners and internal Regeneron scientists in such efforts.
• Work with research and clinical colleagues at Regeneron to introduce human genetics evidence and studies into current research plans and to support drug development efforts.
• Provide human genetics expertise and consult on projects within other R&D departments at Regeneron including therapeutic focus area teams, translational and predictive medicine, and clinical development.
• Survey the literature and conferences for discoveries and findings from the broader genetics community. Integrate such findings into study opportunities and considerations internally.
• Communicate and report study findings and analyses with leadership, administration, and collaborators.


This position requires a PhD with at least 3-5 years experience in human genetics research and a translational genetics focus. Additional requirements include:
• Demonstrated ability to design and lead human genetics studies delivering novel genetic findings and medically relevant gene discoveries.
• Familiarity with statistical genetics and experience leading a breadth of study designs and analyses spanning family and Mendelian studies, population based studies, imputation, genotype-phenotype association studies, etc.
• Involvement in or use of large scale WES/WGS data sets such as GO-ESP, 1,000 Genomes Project, CHARGE consortium, Centers for Mendelian Genomics, etc.
• Experience with multiple platforms (chip-typing, WES & WGS, Sanger, custom capture targeted sequencing, etc) as well as other genomic profiling technologies (microarrays, RNASeq, etc).
• Experience with molecular characterization and functional studies geared towards elucidating gene functions and the mechanistic basis for genetic associations.
• Familiarity with clinical genetics and various genetic models of disease.
Level is commensurate with experience.
This is an opportunity to join our select team that is already leading the way in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry. Apply today and learn more about Regeneron Genetics Center’s unwavering commitment to combining good science & good business.
RGC is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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About Our Organization

The Regeneron Genetics Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company organized to collaborate with health systems and research groups to elucidate, on a large scale, genetic factors that cause or influence a range of human diseases. Building upon Regeneron's strengths in mouse genetics and genetics-driven drug discovery and development, the Center will specialize in ultra-high-throughput exome sequencing and computational biology; discovery of genotype-phenotype associations through linkage to well-annotated de-identified patient electronic medical records; and validation of discoveries using Regeneron’s VelociGene® technology. Our interests encompass a breadth of different areas such as Mendelian and family frameworks, large-scale population genetics (both common and rare variants), and gene-gene interactions. Program goals include target discovery, indication discovery, and patient-disease stratification. Objectives include advancing basic science around the world through public sharing of discoveries, providing clinically-valuable insights to physicians and patients of collaborating health-care systems, and identifying novel targets for drug development.

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