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Scientist/Senior Scientist

Imagion Biosystems, Inc.
Job Location
10355 Science Center Driv
Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92121
United States

Full Benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance & 401K

Job Description

Imagion Biosystems, Inc. is looking for a motivated and experienced scientist to join our growing research and development team.  This position will support a dynamic team focused on enhancing the functionality and in vitro/in vivo performance of the company’s superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle technology platform. The scientist will establish and validate methods and protocols to modify and characterize bio-functionalized nanoparticles including polymer coating and subsequent conjugation of biological materials onto the nanoparticles. Additionally, this person will support Imagion Biosystems’ customers and external collaborators and report on research activities through oral presentations and written reports and data summaries. The ideal candidate will be creative, self-directed, deadline-driven, detail-oriented, and comfortable working in an interdisciplinary team environment.

The Nanoparticle chemist/biologist will be required to:

  • Contribute to the development of surface modification and functionalization strategies for the Company’s iron oxide nanoparticles using polymer, antibodies and other targeting ligands.
  • Undertake the development of new antibody and protein conjugation procedures.
  • Independent operation and analysis of data obtained on a variety of analytical instrumentation such as UV/Vis spectrometer, HPLC, dynamic light scattering, thermogravimetric analysis, ELISA, gel electrophoresis, etc.
  • Translate research scale production to scale up process development of conjugation process
  • Working with existing team members under the leadership of R&D in a laboratory environment.
  • Communicating results directly to R&D team through processed data tables as well as written and oral reports.
  • Delivery of oral presentations to internal colleagues as well as external collaborators and customers.
  • Upkeep and review of laboratory notebooks.
  • Maintenance of lab equipment and reagents.

Polymer/Conjugation chemist qualifications include:

  • Master’s degree in biochemistry and chemistry with 5+ years of relevant experience or Ph.D. with 3+ years of relevant experience.
  • 3+ years industry experience in biotech/pharma preferred.
  • Expertise in polymer chemistry and/or antibody conjugation is required.  Must have hands on experience with EDC, maleimide and click chemistry. Previous experience of working with nanoparticles in particular iron oxide nanoparticles is highly desirable but not required.
  • Experience with cancer detection and therapeutics particularly immune-oncology is highly desirable.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills and the ability to analyze data and plan for next steps
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic, collaborative work environment.
  • Ability to shift working style between carefully following standard procedures and exploring novel approaches.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills are vital.
  • Exhibits good housekeeping skills to maintain a safe work environment.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Power Point, graphing software, etc.
How to Apply

To apply for this position, please send a C.V. or resume to our Human Resources department at [email protected]

About Our Organization

Imagion Biosystems, Inc. is developing an innovative approach to cancer detection using superparamagnetic relaxometry (SPMR). Our MagSense™ system has been designed to detect cancer and other diseases using the magnetic signature of our biofunctionalized PrecisionMRX™ nanoparticles.  This detection platform offers greater sensitivity and specificity than is currently possible with other clinical diagnostic modalities.

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