Scientist - Protein Production

Catalent Pharma Solutions
Job Location
Emeryville, CA
Job Description

Catalent Biologics-West (formerly Redwood Bioscience) has developed a protein-chemical engineering technology to produce the next-generation of antibody- drug conjugates ("ADCs") and other semi-synthetic biotherapeutics. The Company's proprietary SMARTagTM site-specific protein modification technology, novel conjugation chemistry and proprietary cytotoxin-linkers enable the generation of homogenous bioconjugates engineered to enhance potency, safety and stability. The technology employs natural post-translational modifications found in human cells to site-specifically create one or more aldehyde tags on protein molecules. These chemical handles are then stably conjugated to cytotoxic payloads to prevent their systemic release. The SMARTagTM platform provides precise payload positioning and defined stoichiometry of payload-protein ratios. The control afforded by the technology also enables identification of superior drugs from libraries of differentially designed conjugates.
Catalent is seeking a Research Scientist who will be responsible for protein (antibody ) production and expression optimization.
The Location:
This position is based in Emeryville, CA.
The Reporting Relationship:
Reporting to Protein Science Group Leader
The Company:
Catalent Pharma Solutions is the leading provider of pharmaceutical development services, drug delivery technologies, manufacturing, packaging, and product commercialization services to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We employ over 8,000 people in more than 25 facilities worldwide with reported annual revenues of approximately $1.8 billion. At Catalent, we take pride in providing a shared commitment to build employee capability, and foster a culture of inclusion, where talent and potential are unleashed, and where employees are committed and engaged to achieve results. Catalent is a current portfolio company holding of The Blackstone Group.
Key Competencies
• The candidate must have significant protein production/cell line engineering experience and antibody production experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Molecular biology experience is a plus.
• Applicants with experience in and a proven track record with protein chemistry, expression, purification, detection/characteri?zation? and protein engineering will be favorably considered.
• Candidates should have a track record of problem solving, good organization and communication skills and the ability to collaborate within multidisciplinary teams.
• Track record of establishing and meeting production goals that consistently meet quality requirements is essential.
• Previous employment at an emerging biotechnology company desirable.
• Strong presentation skills: one on one and groups.
• The ideal candidate will have a BS or MS in Molecular Biology, Chemical Biology, or a related discipline with at least 5 years industry experience.
Key Responsibilities
• Deliver antibodies for internal and external collaborations and partnerships
• Engage in a culture of achievement that is execution and results oriented.
• Function as a key contributing member of the protein science team
• Contribute technical due diligence and CMC assessments on any licensing and collaboration ...cont.

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