Scientific Clinical Data Analyst

Job Location
San Francisco, Bay Area, CA 94107

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Job Description

We have openings for experienced data analysts to participate in the collection and study of large biomedical data sets. These individuals will be part of ground-breaking clinical research programs studying the impact of genetics in healthcare. Successful candidates will be expected to gather, integrate and QC diverse data sets in addition to analyzing, summarizing and reporting results from these data. Ideal candidates will be intellectually rigorous, self-motivated and well-organized.

  • Demonstrated track record contributing to high quality scientific studies of large data sets with 5 years experience. 
  • Solid understanding of both human genetics and bioinformatics (in particular, methods for Next-Generation Sequencing [NGS] data analysis).
  • Hands-on skills with Unix and scripting languages for data processing, data management, and data analysis. Experience with Python (SciPy/NumPy, pandas and matplotlib) and SQL strongly preferred. 
  • Demonstrated skills with rigorous study design and data analysis methods. 
  •  Formal training in biostatistics, genetic epidemiology, or statistical genetics a plus. Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Excellent collaborator and team player.
  • Knowledge of best practices in unregulated and regulated clinical studies. 
  • Appropriate advanced degree (Ph.D. or M.D.) or equivalent experience. 
  •  Experience in Industry a plus.
About Our Organization

Invitae envisions a world in which genomic sequencing routinely informs lifelong health care decisions. We provide comprehensive, rapid, and affordable genome sequencing and clinically relevant interpretations of genomic data. We are committed to enabling the utilization of genomic data in order to improve health, catalyze scientific and medical research, and contribute to improved outcomes for everyone.

Invitae is an open, title-free company that operates as a meritocracy. We focus intently on our ability to deliver reliable solutions that contribute to improving people's lives. We ruthlessly eliminate overhead and policies that interfere with productivity. We have excellent benefits.

Our San Francisco location is in the hip SOMA neighborhood, near great restaurants. Our office in Palo Alto is right on University Ave. Both are a couple of blocks away from CalTrain. Many of us bike or take public transit to work. We work hard during the week and we rest on the weekends.

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