Science Writer

Seven Bridges
Job Location
Cambridge, MA 02142
Job Description

The science writer at Seven Bridges has a remit to help tell both the story of the company in particular and the industry more broadly in an engaging, factual, and audience-centric way. The audience s/he will seek to serve is the active “doer” in bioinformatics and related fields. 

Primary Responsibilities 
S/he is to produce Seven Bridges-related, scientifically relevant content for various technical audiences. While this content may expand over time, it begins with: 

- White papers 
- Technical product descriptions for the Web/print 
    -This could include specific pieces of writing (a detailed description of a gold-standard pipeline, summarized from the accompanying journal articles) or 
    - more general documents (explaining the complete set of CRISPR/Cas–9 tools supported by the Seven Bridges Platform) 
- Technical demonstrations of science on the Seven Bridges Platform (e.g. an iPython notebook that teaches PhD students how to properly QC RNA-Seq data, by way of tools hosted on the Seven Bridges Platform) 
- Conference and other talks/lectures for scientific audiences


In order to successfully carry out her/his duties, we expect the science writer to, approximately, meet the following requirements:

- A detailed understanding of the modern practice of genomics and bioinformatics
- A keen sense of taste (e.g. the intuitive ability to identify what is interesting in modern bioinformatics)
- A minimum of 3-5 years of writing/editing experience; salary will be commensurate with experience 
- Hold the belief that clear thinking is clear writing, with samples to prove it
- Ability to positively interact with senior researchers in various public fora, including on social media and at conferences
- A masters or PhD in bioinformatics or related fields or other equivalent experience is preferred but not required

We are looking for a strong cultural fit, as we value our team more than anything else and we like to learn from each other and share knowledge. In return, we offer a relaxed and open work environment, great work conditions, and first-hand involvement in one of the most exciting fields of science on the forefront of establishing the foundations of modern personalized medicine.

How to Apply

If you would like to help us advance genomics at our leading, well-funded, and dynamic startup, please apply here: 

About Our Organization

Seven Bridges is one of the largest biomedical data analysis companies in the world. Together, across four global offices, we build software systems to help researchers analyze bioinformatic data — from millions of genomes to phenotypic and outcomes data.

We exist to radically accelerate the pace of scientific discovery. We do so by serving large research institutions inside national governments, biotech/pharmaceutical companies, hospital systems, and academic organizations.

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