Research Scientist, Sr

University of Massachusetts Medical School
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Worcester, MA 01605
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The Division of Infectious Disease & Immunology is committed to the three core missions of the Department of Medicine: Research, Teaching and Clinical Care. Our dedicated faculty are engaged in cutting edge research on innate immunity and host:pathogen interactions. In addition, we are passionately dedicated to educating the next generation of physicians and scientists to meet the many challenges involved in fighting infectious disorders. Our clinical faculty are equally devoted to providing the best medical care possible for our patients and the best education possible for medical students and doctors in training.


Research focuses on how viruses interact with pattern recognition receptors, including Toll-like receptors and RIG-I-like receptors, to activate inflammatory cytokine responses and produce type I interferons. The lab is currently conducting studies with coxsackie B virus, herpesviruses, and influenza A virus, characterizing their interactions with receptors in different cell types including neutrophils, dendritic cells, and monocytes/macrophages. The lab is also studying the contribution of enteroviruses to type 1 diabetes.


Under the general direction of the Principle Investigator, the Senior Research Scientist performs a variety of complex research experiments laboratory research on topics pertinent to the interests of the research programs of the laboratory.





  • Design and implement experiments designed to further ongoing research projects, in consultation with the principal investigator.
  • Organize and analyze data acquired in the course of research projects.
  • Write manuscripts and grant applications
  • Design and implement research projects in the laboratory
  • Responsible for data acquisition, data analysis, and presentation of research results.
  • Train and supervise junior lab personnel, ensuring staff is trained in current methodology and safety procedures in the laboratory.
  • Prepare and present data for publication in public forums.
  • Assist in the preparation of grant applications and other research proposals.
  • Provide assistance in the general operation of the laboratory.
  • Participate regularly in laboratory meetings.
  • Stay current with the literature and regularly leads discussions of new reports pertinent to ongoing and proposed projects
  • Perform other duties as required.



  • Bachelor's degree in a Biological Science, or equivalent degree
  • 7 years of research experience.
  • Familiarity with general laboratory procedures.
  • Expertise in specific procedures and instrumentation necessary to complete specific research programs.
  • Current knowledge of pertinent literature.
  • Oral and written communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to travel to off-site locations


  • 3+ years tissue culture experience
  • 3+ years with influenza, or coxsacki B virus or herpes virus


Under the general direction of the Principle Investigator



Supervises and trains new laboratory personnel and junior members of the laboratory



Wet chemistry laboratory, and may require appropriate contact with biohazards, radionuclides, toxins, animals, and human specimens.


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