Research Scientist - DNA Recombination (Req# ABT00001467)

DuPont Pioneer
Job Location
7100 NW 62nd Avenue
PO Box 1000
Johnston, IA 50131
Job Description

Analytical & Genomics Technologies in Applied Technology Systems at DuPont Pioneer is a research and technology support team accountable for the development of cutting edge technologies/systems and the efficient application of these approaches to developing novel breeding or biotechnology products. The Research Scientist in DNA Recombination will lead a team to develop, improve and implement recombination technologies for novel product development.


Lead a team of scientists collaborating in a multi-disciplinary approach to develop and optimize DNA recombination and repair technologies. Develop a research program to apply the biology of DNA recombination and repair to improve plant breeding methodologies and for the production of biotechnology-derived products. Work closely with a broadly inter-disciplinary research team and leadership to develop and maintain a strategic DNA recombination research scientific plan. Provide management, scientific leadership, critical thinking and creativity when initiating, designing, and executing research within/across projects and research disciplines.


Communicate recommendations on project direction to collaborators and team members responsible for execution of experiments, data collection and decisions based on the interpreted experimental results. Communicate progress updates, experimental results and metrics within and outside the Recombination project group.

  • A PhD in biochemistry, biology, genetics, biotechnology, or related disciplines with 4-6 years of relevant research experience is required. Consideration will be given to equivalent levels of related education and experience.
  • Demonstrated scientific expertise in yeast, mammalian and/or plant DNA recombination/repair pathways and a broad working knowledge and understanding of genetics.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to collaborate and lead within teams to attain shared science goals are required.
About Our Organization

DuPont Pioneer, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, is the world's leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, agronomic support, and services to farmers. Innovative and customer-focused, Pioneer seeks to increase farmer productivity and profitability, and to develop sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere. Increasing populations, changing economies, and limited cultivatable land are significant factors driving Pioneer to use the broad application of plant science to improve the value generated from each field.

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