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Research Scientist Contractor

Molecular Diagnostics Company in Stealth Mode
Job Location
San Diego, CA 92037
United States
Job Description


We are looking for a Research Scientist Independent Contractor who will support the laboratory development, experimentation, and management of innovative multi-omic assays for novel applications in Oncology. Flexible hours, including evenings and weekends available.


Key Duties and Responsibilities

At our Company, you will help develop multi-omic assay technologies, SOPs, and laboratory workflows used to analyze samples. You will provide expertise in next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based analyses of DNA and other biomarkers. You will contribute to developing, optimizing, and validating clinical-grade assays to measure complex, blood-based analytes (e.g., sequencing of cfDNA). You will use your analytical, clinical, and programming abilities to identify ways to rapidly iterate and improve on existing methods, run comparative experiments on various equipment, reagents, consumables and you will work closely with computational biologists to evaluate technologies that will validate our assay in an analytical, clinical, and end-to-end test setting. You will be performing quality control and quality assurance procedures, and tracking and managing data within our LIMS and Confluence systems. You will operate under the direction of the Head of Assay Development. This role requires meticulous recordkeeping, excellent attention to detail, and the ability to multi-task and be flexible with assignments and schedules.

  • BS and/or MS (or equivalent industry experience) in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, chemistry, or a closely related field.
  • 2-5 years of experience in a high-complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory setting in industry or academia.
  • Broad, expert-level knowledge of NGS assays for cfDNA, including general nucleic acid biochemistry as well as specific optimizations for different applications, sequencing platforms, and analytes. Experience with PCR library preparation for next generation sequencing and sequencing platforms (including Illumina NextSeq and NovaSeq).
  • Understanding the biology of human cell-free nucleic acids, single-cell analysis methods, immunology, and/or cancer biology
  • Ability to design for automated platforms in plate-based, low-volume formats and/or microfluidics and experience working with automated liquid handlers
  • Hands-on proficiency in managing technology transfer requirements, including guard-banding, stability studies, and in-process quality control
  • Excellent time management, project management, multitasking and organizational skills.
  • Practical knowledge of LIMS/database query tools (preferred).
  • Skill conducting quantitative-PCR (optional).
  • Ability to perform basic bioinformatic analysis in a scientific programming language (e.g., Python or R) (optional).
How to Apply
  • Please send statements of interest, resume and background materials to [email protected]
About Our Organization

The Company is a venture-backed San Diego based genomics/molecular diagnostics startup focused on the development of breakthrough non-invasive liquid biopsy tests for the early detection, characterization, and management of cancer in a hitherto unexplored and novel area with tremendous commercial and scientific potential. We have a highly innovative approach to the science, with cutting-edge assays that are customized for the target genome and innovative next-generation sequencing (NGS) based techniques. We aim to revolutionize the detection and ultimately treatment of cancer for this vast target population.


The Company’s founding team and advisors include more than a dozen former senior executives from Illumina, Sequenom, PGDx, LabCorp, Pathway Genomics, J&J, and more. Most of them hold MD, PhD, MS, DVM, or MBA degrees, and have been affiliated with prestigious academic institutions including Cornell, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Stanford, UCSF, UCLA, University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, UCSD, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and Yale.


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