Research Scientist

NuGEN Technologies
Job Location
201 Industrial Road
Suite 310
San Carlos, CA 94070
Job Description

NuGEN Technologies is looking for a talented and creative experimental scientist to join our R&D team. The ideal candidate will be an innovator with exceptional research skills who is highly motivated to make high impact, novel contributions. Join us and be part of the team that continues to deliver innovative and enabling genomics solutions to the scientific community.

The position is located in San Carlos, California and reports to the Director of Research.  

How to Apply

Please send inquiries and updated resume to

About Our Organization

Based in San Carlos, California, NuGEN Technologies, Inc., provides innovative NGS and genomic sample prep products for a broad range of sample types including RNA and DNA from whole tissues, FFPE samples, single cells and liquid biopsies. NuGEN’s products offer rapid and simple workflows designed to reduce time and cost per sample. NuGEN products are used by 1000s of customers in basic research, applied markets and molecular diagnostics. Our products are manufactured under stringent quality controls (ISO 13485). NuGEN has a long history of launching products with market leading specs, including the RNA-Seq product line that enables targeted depletion of any transcript from any organism, the DNA-Seq product line that enables adapter dimer free libraries for PCR plus and PCR–free workflows and target enrichment that enables the sensitive detection of SNVs, fusions and CNVs. NuGEN provides technical support staff in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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