Research Associate - Molecular Medicine

University of Massachusetts Medical School
Job Location
Worcester, MA 01605
Job Description


We are seeking a highly motivated and organized individual to join us in developing new cures for intestinal nematode infections and in advancing Global Health via elimination of soil-transmitted helminthiasis. Our laboratory is a world leader in studying and finding new cures for hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm parasites that are major causes of poverty worldwide. The selected candidate will work on the life-cycle of parasitic nematodes and participate in treatment studies with research professor and postdoctoral fellows (60%), maintain a state-of-the-art worm sorting device and be involved with postdoctoral fellows in worm sorting experiments (20%), and participate in laboratory management by preparing media and plates (20%).


A bachelor's degree is required, preferably with formal study in molecular biology, biochemistry or chemistry. The candidate must be responsible, organized and have strong communication and interpersonal skills, and be willing to work in a highly collaborative and open research environment.


This is a full time position with flexible hours and offers competitive salary/fringe benefits, commensurate with experience. A 2-year minimum commitment is required. This can be a great opportunity for those interested in gaining biomedical research experience before applying to graduate or medical school. Applications from more senior research scientists and laboratory managers are also welcome.


Under the direction of the Principal Investigator or Designee, the Research Associate performs a variety of complex research experiments.





  • Conducts in-depth analysis of research experiments
  • Performs complex laboratory experiments
  • Interprets data, forms conclusion, and decides on and plans next experiments to be done with a high degree of independence
  • Compiles and analyzes data and performs computations using image analysis software, spreadsheets, graphing, and curve fitting software
  • May modify protocols and be responsible for a single, independent research project
  • Assists in writing the text of scientific publications and grants. Reviews literature
  • Trains new laboratory personnel, students, and collaborators
  • Maintains laboratory supplies and equipment
  • Complies with all safety and infection control standards
  • Perform other duties as required.


  • Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, or equivalent experience
  • 1 year relevant research experience
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products
  • Strong ability to analyze complex visual data in a quantitative and objective manner
  • Judgment and action skills required to solve commonly encountered problems



Under the direction of the Principal Investigator, or designee



May functionally supervise Lab Technicians and Aides



Wet chemistry laboratory, and may require appropriate contact with biohazards, radionuclides, toxins, animals, and human specimens.

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