Research Associate - Histopathology

Cepheid - US
Job Location
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Job Description

The Research Associate, Histopathology, will be primarily a hands-on, bench level position with key responsibilities in the areas of histopathology and real-time PCR assays. This candidate will assist in the development of novel assays for identifying and characterizing cancer from various tissues. The candidate will provide histopathology and laboratory support for a team of scientists. Duties include receiving, cataloging and processing fixed tissues, staining of tissue sections, performing molecular biology assays (e.g. PCR), and confirming GeneXpert results.



  • Tissue preparation, embedding, cutting, staining of fixed sections
  • Maintain and manage histopathology lab and equipment
  • Slide and record maintenance and lab supply ordering
  • Database management of banked specimens for oncology assays
  • Enter data from experiments into a database and prepare weekly progress reports
  • Help develop and write verification and validation SOPs and technical reports
  • Perform GeneXpert assays as required
  • Maintain quality control notebooks and records
  • Maintain and promote a safe working environment and ensures that all reagents and supplies meet quality control standards





  • Bachelor's degree in a Biological Science or equivalent combination of education and experience required
  • A minimum of 5 years laboratory related experience
  • Excellent writing, communication, and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of principles of quality control and quality assurance
  • Knowledge of biological and chemical safety

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