Research Associate - Biochemistry

10X Genomics
Job Location
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Job Description

We are seeking an experienced, collaborative and results-oriented individual to join our 10X biochemistry team. The candidate will be responsible for supporting the development of our DNA sequencing products, by preparing  and distributing high-quality biological samples on an ongoing basis for multiple teams within the Company.  In addition, the candidate will assist R&D scientists by helping to evaluate and optimize new methods for extraction and analysis of biomolecules.

Individuals applying for this position must be self-starters, flexible in changing direction and methods, thrive in a fast paced environment, excel at managing multiple priorities, able to effectively communicate with all levels within the organization and have the prior work experience needed to quickly learn the protocols.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and maintain our production pipeline for high-quality nucleic acid and cell preparation  – Our production pipeline supports critical company activities including reagent manufacturing, product development, and external collaborations.
  • Manage BSL-2 cell culture lab maintain an inventory of purified DNA
  • Extract nucleic acids and perform QC tests using standard molecular biology techniques for analyzing sample quality, including agarose gel electrophoresis, PCR/qPCR, etc
  • Assist in the development and optimization of novel nucleic extraction and analysis methods by collaborating with other scientists.
  • Bachelor Science degree in relevant scientific area
  • Excellent organization and communication skills
  • Desire to be part of a rapidly evolving organization, which requires flexibility and a willingness to learn new techniques and methods
  • 2+ years of hands-on molecular biology experience in an academic/industrial settings, with demonstrated proficiency in standard molecular biology techniques such as nucleic acid extraction, PCR, DNA sequencing, or similar
How to Apply
About Our Organization

10X Genomics is a rapidly growing San Francisco Bay Area start-up company, commercializing groundbreaking sequencing technologies.  10X Genomics is commercializing a new genomics platform that will change the definition of sequencing. While bringing unprecedented access to sequence data, current sequencing technology leaves a significant amount of critical genetic information inaccessible. 10X Genomics’ platform complements and upgrades existing short read sequencers to deliver long-range contextual information, including haplotyping, structural variation, and de novo assembly. By joining 10X Genomics, you can become an integral part of the team, helping enable our customers expand the ways they explore, discover and innovate in the field of genomics.  

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