Research Associate

Job Location
La Jolla, CA 92093
Job Description

The Research Associate/Molecular and Cell Biology will help drive the rapid development of the Isommune platform technology for tumor-specific molecule discovery. The primary laboratory duties will be to perform and optimize experiments for the preparation and sequencing of NGS libraries derived from normal and tumor tissues. The secondary duties will be to support the molecular, cellular, and proteomics based validation of tumor-specific molecules. The successful candidate will play a key role in establishing the foundation for therapeutic and diagnostic programs at Isommune for novel cancer therapies, vaccines, and early diagnostic tests. In so doing, the position is expected to grow in scope and responsibility. The position is open for immediate hiring and will report to a Senior Scientist.

A competitive compensation package will be offered to the selected candidate.


Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Prepare, QC, and submit libraries for NGS. Perform optimization experiments for library preparation and provide troubleshooting if experiment results are unsatisfactory. Experience in the operation of Illumina HiSeq instruments (e.g. HiSeq 2500) would be a significant distinguishing qualification.
  • Perform PCR-based amplification and purification experiments that are based on novel protocols developed in-house.
  • Extract RNA from normal or tumor tissues for library preparation.
  • Accurately record work performed with results and methodology. Calculate, compile, and analyze data.
  • Attend and productively participate in company science meetings.
  • Develop, maintain, and manage Standard Operating Protocols.
  • Work as team member in establishing core Isommune laboratory infrastructure and be willing to change focus as required to meet company goals.
  • Provide laboratory management support such as maintaining inventory of reagents and consumables, facilitating equipment repair or purchase, managing chemical and biohazard waste, and setting up and organizing laboratory space.
  • Complete laboratory safety training and maintain compliance with Environment, Health and Safety standards including good laboratory practices.
  • Minimum B.S. (M.S. preferred) in a relevant field and 3-5+ years in an industry research environment
  • Experience in molecular biological techniques such as PCR, DNA and RNA purification, RT-PCR, gel electrophoresis, and using general laboratory and genomics equipment. Experience with tissue culture, transfection, Western blot, immunofluorescent staining, plasmid purification, and immunoprecipitation is highly desirable.
  • The candidate must be highly motivated, organized, efficient, show high level initiative, and possess an acute attention to detail and accuracy for detailed recording and analysis of data.
  • Must have excellent computer skills including MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and molecular biology software/web-based applications. Must be able to independently research solutions and alternate strategies/technologies for troubleshooting purposes and to maintain the use of the most applicable technologies available for the various workflows.
  • Must be capable of working independently as part of a multi-disciplinary team under the direction of senior scientists and have excellent interpersonal and written/oral communication skills.
How to Apply
About Our Organization

Isommune LLC is a San Diego-based early stage company founded on a proprietary platform technology for the discovery of tumor-specific molecules that will provide the rational basis for multiple immunotherapeutic and diagnostic programs. Isommune’s proprietary technology is a synergy of custom bioinformatics algorithms, high-performance computing, and novel next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) techniques.

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