Research Associate

10x Genomics
Job Location
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Job Description

10X Genomics is looking for an outstanding Research Associate to join its chemistry group. This individual will assist in performing advanced research for new approaches in biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry and bioinstrumentation.  S/he will meticulously execute, and troubleshoot experiments that will include sample preparation, cell culture and handling, RT-PCR, PCR, library prep, sequencing, and other routine molecular biology techniques. The Research Associate will also analyze data and assist in the preparation and delivery of presentations and reports, and maintain detailed experiment documentation.

The successful applicant is highly motivated, with exceptional attention to detail. S/he must be able to work both independently and as a part of a team, and willing to shift focus between a variety of projects. Exceptional consideration will be given to individuals whose molecular understanding of complex NGS problems has led to fundamental advancements in existing technologies and/or the successful launch of commercial products.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Develop applications and protocols for Single Cell Genomics.
  • Develop, test and validate products for commercial release.  Generate data to support marketing and sales.
  • Work with computational biology personnel to interpret data and develop methods for data analysis.
  • Analyze and collate complex data sets and effectively communicate conclusions.
  • Present project plans and communicate status of ongoing projects to the company.
  • BS in Biology, Biochemistry or Molecular Biology.
  • 3+ years relevant experience developing successful products in life science applications, such a DNA sequencing, PCR or other nucleic acid based technologies
  • Ability to develop, validate and transfer processes to technical transfer group.
  • Desire to be part of a rapidly evolving organization, with a compelling technology, and taking products and processes to the next level.


Desired Skills and Background


  • Demonstrated ability to create and implement complex multi-step assay schemes.
  • Demonstrated ability to modify existing assays schemes to address new measurement challenges.
  • Experienced in the analysis and interpretation of complex data sets.
  • Deep working knowledge of next-generation sequencing workflows and data analysis.
How to Apply
About Our Organization

10X Genomics is developing new technologies for breakthrough next generation sequencing applications. The core technology combines advances in cell biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microfluidics and computational biology.

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