Research Assistant (HPC)

Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering
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Job Description

SCELSE seeks to recruit a High-Performance Computing Cluster Engineer. The main responsibilities of the position is to maintain and manage day-to-day operation of SCELSE high-performance computing cluster and minimize any potential disruption which will affect the continuity of computational activities related to SCELSE research.



-               Ensure that all cluster hardwares are working properly

-               Respond to any hardware failures effectively and efficiently

-               Maintain relations with vendors who oversee the initial installation of the hardwares

-               Ensure that all cluster softwares are working properly

-               Handle any software installations and updates onto the cluster

-               Optimize the interconnectivity of softwares and hardwares in the cluster

-               Respond to any software failures effectively and efficiently

-               Implement HPC policy onto the cluster softwares effectively

-               Ensure the connectivity of sequencing machines to the cluster

-               Perform sequencing data management in the cluster (e.g. archival, cleanup, rearrangement, etc.)


The engineer will have to oversee and maintain rack servers, SMP servers, storage controller with additional storage enclosures and switches. In addition to the hardwares, the engineer will need to maintain subclusters and filesystems used by 10-20 person.



•               Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Information Technology, or related field

•               Proficiency with Linux OS architecture and commands

•               Proficiency with shell programming

•               Familiarity with high-performance computing cluster architecture and concept

•               Familiarity with computer network architecture and concept. Preferably able to perform switch configuration through console.

•               Familiarity with networked storage architecture and concept.

•               Min. 1-2 years in an HPC administration position, IT/network administration position, IT hardware/network service industry, or any related fields

•               Able and willing to self-learn

•               Strong oral and written English communication skills

•               Work well in a team environment



About Our Organization

The Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) is a highly interdisciplinary Research Centre of Excellence (RCE), funded by National Research Foundation, Singapore Ministry of Education, Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore.

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