Registered Nurse Medical Oncology, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance at Evergreen Hospital

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Job Location
Seattle, WA
Job Description

This position is located at Evergreen Hospital.

- Provides longitudinal comprehensive nursing care to oncology/hematology patients. Has primary nursing responsibility for the coordination of the care and monitoring the status of a specific population of patients. Has responsibility for the education of patients and family. Acts as primary point of contact for patients, working collaboratively with their physicians.

- Work Environment
- Office, clinic and infusion room environment with direct patient contact

A Care Coordination
- Demonstrate a high level of understanding of oncology illnesses and treatment modalities
- Demonstrate the ability to assess baseline physical, emotional and social needs
- Demonstrates ability to assess patient's adaptation to illness on an ongoing basis
- Demonstrates ability to conduct patient triage and assessment via the telephone and in person
- Ability to develop a plan of care to respond to patient symptoms and reactions resulting from the disease or the treatment
- Monitors patient response to therapies, including lab values and symptom assessment, in collaboration with the medical, nutrition and pharmacy staff
- Uses effective problem solving skills in complex situations
- Demonstrates capability to multitask with accuracy and deal effectively with unpredictable situations

B Documentation
- Documents initial assessment accurately per assessment policy
- Documents ongoing assessment accurately and per assessment policy
- Documents patient education per policy
- Documents all medications and treatments administered
- Perform projects specific to department and other duties as assigned

C Patient and Family Education
- Provides initial education and clinic orientation. Reviews patient resource manual with patient and family at arrival visit
- Participate in chemotherapy teaching with patients and caregivers
- Participates in patient education regarding medications and therapies including home infusions
- Participates in patient education regarding procedures including bone marrow aspirations and ommaya taps/itrathecal chemotherapy
- Participates in patient education regarding central venous access device management including: PICC management & Portaath implantation and management
- Participates in patient education regarding symptom management

D Support for Research
- Maintains a working knowledge of current protocols related to the patient population with whom they work. Knows research resources and how to access.

E Communication and Teamwork
- Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills
- Participates in committees and task forces to review and improve current standards
- Able to collaborate effectively with physician to provide comprehensive care planning for their specific patient populations
- Serves as resource in their area of expertise for other staff
- Informs Clinic Administrator of high-risk patient situation or operational issues
- Demonstrates ability to work in a team situation
- Follows organizational and departmental policies and procedures

Infection Prevention
- Demonstrates consistent compliance with hand hygiene practice. Demonstrates consistent compliance with Respiratory Virus Plan in managing symptomatic patients and performing self assessment and not working when ill. Demonstrates consistent compliance with Isolation Plan by isolating patients with contagious symptoms, following procedures as written and participating in patient education.

Teamwork and Collaboration
- Upholds a positive and non-intimidating workplace
- Team member treats others with professionalism and respect.Team member works collaboratively to solve problems.Team member does not criticize or blame others.Team member communicates in a truthful and direct manner.Team member respects thoughts and ideas of others.

Culture of Safety
- Takes action to protect healthcare recipients from harm
- Team member is knowledgeable of SCCA safe practice guidelines, policies and understands the safe practice performance expectations that apply to their specific role or job duties.
- Team member views safety as a top priority and works to prevent harm to patients and others.
- Team member speaks up and advocates for patient safety when it is being compromised.
- Team member reports errors and near misses that occur in the workplace objectively and in a non-blaming manner.
- Team member participates in open communication about errors, near misses in an atmosphere of trust and respect.
- Team member views errors and near misses that occur in the workplace as opportunities to improve SCCA systems and processes; provides recommendations for improvement.

Patient-Family Centered Care
- Provides care and services to patients and families in a respectful, caring, and professional manner.
- Team member supports a culture of service to our patients and families.
- Team member encourages patients and families to ask questions and be involved in their care.
- Team member asks questions to understand individual patient and family preferences, needs and values.
- Team member keeps families informed with timely, complete and accurate information.
- Team member ensures that patient and family preferences and values guide all clinical care and service decisions.
- Team member works with the PFCC department to incorporate applicable input from Patient and Family Advisors.

- CurrentWashingtonState Registered Nursing License
- Current BLS AHA Health Provider card
- OCN certification preferred
- Chemotherapy certification including administration, if conducting chemo teaching, preferred
- Two years of oncology nursing experience required
- Ability to work under pressure related to work/time deadlines
- Ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with a variety of patients and other staff
- Ability to be flexible
- Competent in telephone triage, assessment and communication
- Competent in basic computer skills

If interested, please apply online at

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