Registered Nurse

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Job Location
Seattle, WA
Job Description

This position is responsible for the nursing management of patients being sedated in association with procedures. The nurse provides direct patient care, consults with physicians and other nurses, and sets clinical standards and is involved in education activities. Serves as a member of the clinic emergency response team.

Please list essential functions, responsibilities and measurable outcomes (insert more rows as needed)

A. Administers sedating agents:
- Performs a nursing assessment prior to each patient's sedation and procedure which includes review of relevant lab studies, review of systems, assessment of sedation related risk factors, prior anesthesia history, assessment of airway and level of consciousness.
- Knows each agent administered including potential drug toxicities and side effects, proper methods of administration, and related interventions.
- Successfully initiates intravenous access and safely administers agents
- Monitors patient during the procedure, observing for any untoward effects, changes in breathing and airway status, level of consciousness and overall responsiveness.
- Provides patient and family teaching about sedation and care following the procedure, including a limitation on driving until the following day

IV.A. Training, Education and Experience (Required)    
- Current Washington State License and must be familiar with nursing conduct and standards of practice as outlined by Washington State
- ACLS certification (if not current, then must be obtained within six months of hire), renewal every two years
- BLS certification, Healthcare Provider C, renewal every two years
- Successful completion of UWMC Sedation Training Program (must be completed within six months of hire)
- Past nursing experience in one of the following areas:
- ICU, PACU, NICU, GI clinic, Interventional Radiology or Emergency department
- Oncology or transplant infusion

IV.B. Other Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities To Perform The Job Duties (Preferred)    
- Bachelors of Science, Nursing

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