Quality Control Associate Scientist II

Job Location
Germantown, MD
Job Description

- Perform testing as assigned
- Prepare data for review and complete batch records as required
- Able to independently follow protocols
- Advises supervisor of factors that may affect quality, accuracy and usefulness of data
- Participate in laboratory maintenance activities as assigned


- Minimum of 2 years college level education in a scientific discipline with 1-2 years of lab experience preferably in one or more of the following areas:
- RNA/DNA Gel Electrophoresis
- Aseptic Technique
- Basic Chemistry (pH, acid/base titrations)
- Basic proficiency in Microsoft Excel is required
- cGMP experience a plus

- Command of the spoken and written English language is required.
- Excellent math skills are required
- Must understand metric volumes
- Able to plan the use of equipment, materials and personal time efficiently
- Able to use general lab equipment
- Able to analyze date and apply experimental design at a basic level
- Able to follow instructions with minimal oversight
- Able to multi-task

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