QIAGEN HIRING 17 Oncology Specialists with NGS experience Globally

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QIAGEN is hiring globally for sales and support positions related to our Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) portfolio/solution. We welcome applicants with sales, support, and commercial experience in NGS, Genomics, and related technologiesto apply as we significantly expand our Oncology/NGS team throughout the world.  

A background in clinical and/or translational sales as well as experience with and/or certification in regulatory environments will be given priority.  

We will have a strong presence at the AMP (Associate for Molecular Pathology) Conference in Austin (Nov 3-7) and would welcome an opportunity to interview you at the AMP Conference if you're there or bring you there to meet our team.  


The positions we are hiring for:


North America:

North East, West, Mid Atlantic, South, South East and Central








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Whether your passion for answers takes you to a laboratory bench or a hospital bedside, the pursuit often begins with a blood or tissue sample. The deepest mysteries of disease and other biological processes – the answers you seek – are encoded in the building blocks of life, DNA.

Yet the work of learning what these molecules can tell you is quite a journey, and we at QIAGEN understand the challenges associated with this quest.  

Our commitment is to enable you, like more than 500,000 customers around the world, to quickly and reliably reach your goal of useful, actionable insights. To this end, QIAGEN offers you innovative solutions that cover every single step along this journey – not just technologies, but bridges from samples to insights. As you advance to new frontiers, QIAGEN also advances – and this website’s updated look and feel reflects our end-to-end commitment to your journey.

Sample to Insight means QIAGEN offers you the industry’s most reliable sample technologies, because samples matter to your success. Our top-quality assays and panels enable you to accurately analyze and identify diseases and genetic variations. Our bioinformatics software and curated knowledge bases transform your raw data into relevant, actionable findings. And our automation solutions provide you seamless and cost-effective workflows. Sample to Insight.

The insights you gain may lead to one small step or a giant leap forward for science and healthcare. Partnering with QIAGEN, your work can make a difference! 

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