Project Manager

Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Lab, Icahn School of Medicine, Genetics & Genomic Sciences
Job Location
New York, NY

The Mount Sinai Health System is committed to the tenets of diversity and workforce that are strengthened by the inclusion of and respect for our differences. We offer our employees a highly competitive compensation and benefits package, a 403(b) retirement plan, and much more.

Job Description

 The Project Manager will work with the Assistant Director of Project Management in Mount Sinai’s Genetic Testing Laboratory to oversee the operational aspects and scope of specific projects.  This includes developing and executing project work plans and revising as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.  This candidate will also be responsible for monitoring resources, evaluating project health, and managing follow-ups and action items. 

  1. The ideal Project Manager will have the communication skills and experience needed to obtain buy in from different stakeholders to implement changes in processes, take direction from management, make actionable recommendations and ensure technical feasibility and budget forecasting.

  2. They will be extremely detail orientated and gifted in multi-tasking, able to run and document meetings simultaneously and communicate all changes in project scope or timeline in the necessary timeframe.

  3. They will be a dedicated team player who enjoys seeing others achieve success with their know-how and be able to leverage their motivational and negotiation skills to guarantee all team members are meeting deadlines.  They should have the fine-tuned skills needed to ensure that the correct talent is dedicated to the proper tasks to work most efficiently.

  4. The candidate should be familiar with risk management and mitigation and have the ability to manage and coordinate third parties and vendors.

  5. They will need a science background and be proficient in modern software and possess the acumen to work on detailed projects with software engineers, laboratory workers and geneticists.

  6. Directs and coordinates activities of designated project(s) to ensure that goals or objectives of the project are accomplished within prescribed time frame and funding parameters.  Alters plans and makes recommendations for future project phases or future projects based on lessons learned on an ongoing basis.  

  7. Develops a budget for the project and is responsible for the allocation of resources. 

  8. Reviews project proposal or plan to determine time frame, funding limitations and procedures for accomplishing project(s).

  9. Ensures all staffing requirements and allotment of available resources to various phases of project are met. May evaluate vendors and consultants and their effectiveness and ability to deliver as promised. 

  10. Establishes a work plan and staffing for each phase of project and arranges for recruitment or assignment of project personnel.

  11. Follows-up with project personnel to maintain the progression of each project.

  12. Provides regular updates, highlighted issues, bottlenecks and milestones.


 Bachelor’s degree is required; Master's Degree and/or PMP certification is preferred.

Basic knowledge in the field of genetics and genomic sciences is required.

5 years of relevant project management experience is preferred.

Candidate must possess excellent communication and organizational skills.

How to Apply

Email CV and Cover Letter to:


About Our Organization

Mount Sinai Health System’s vision is to grow and challenge convention through pioneering spirit, scientific advancements, forward-thinking leadership, a collaborative approach to providing exceptional patient care with seamless coordination to advance medicine through unrivaled education, research, and outreach in the many communities we serve.  All those who wear the Mount Sinai badge were selected because of an evident commitment to these goals and values.

1.The Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Laboratory, housed in the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences, working closely with clinical geneticists who see patients for rare diseases, as well as the bioinformatics team at the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology, has created a new line of tests that help inform couples of their risks of having a child with a genetic disorder.

 2. Years of population-based research and technology adaptation in our clinical laboratory have created the most comprehensive tests that not only expand the number of diseases screened, but also the breadth of coverage to improve carrier detection rates and provide more accurate residual risk estimates to patients. Our cutting edge approach enables us to report on extensive genomic information in a clinical setting with rapid turnaround time.

 3. The individuals who work in the Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Lab have the opportunity to work to enhance and develop genetic testing panels, ensure premium service to clients and aid in the expansion of our products to new communities.  The structure of the lab allows for hands-on contributions and a commitment to growth by bringing in people who share an entrepreneurial spirit, thrive in an atmosphere of individual and collaborative creativity and most importantly, a desire to be constantly engaged to achieve results.

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