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5945 Optical Court
San Jose, CA 95138
Job Description

As the leader of defined project teams and a core member of corresponding Life Cycle Team (LCT),

  • Provide cross-functional leadership to global project teams from project initiation to Launch Decision (LD)
  • Execute tailored product development strategy aligned with Life Cycle Team objectives
  • Develop strategic options according to the principles of time, cost and risk and addresses technical, regulatory, business and operational needs
  • Drive team debate/discussion around key issues that determine product quality, functionality or schedule
  • Decide on system development pathways in accordance to cross-functional evaluation and risk assessment
  • Deliver a seamless transition into later stages of development by ensuring early planning and cross-functional involvement / communication in early product development strategy 
  • Monitor team performance and help develop individual members.


More specifically, the Project Leader for an LCT is responsible for the following:


  • Leads, motivates and organizes the project team to define and execute cutting-edge project strategy in accordance with LCT goals and budget 
  • Sets clear direction for the global product development strategy from project initiation to Launch Decision (LD).
  • Ensures the optimal blend of team members so that the team is functional from an expertise and interpersonal perspective.
  • Ensures all team members and functions are aligned behind the objectives of the team.
  • Sets challenging project team goals and ensures that best practices are used to attain these goals
  • Motivates and inspires team to achieve challenging goals 
  • Creates a positive team environment that instills trust and ensures clear transparent communications and gets the team behind the overall goal/vision for the project
  • Instills sense of urgency and a strong can-do attitude in team members
  • Challenges the team and organization to ensure that the best possible performance is achieved.
  • Provides input to team member performance, including extended teams
  • Leads team to develop scenarios including alternative development options (cost, time, risk/benefit) for strategic decision making.
  • Promotes debate from functional experts to ensure effective, clear decision making within the team
  • Leads co-development projects – balancing the needs of Roche and partners in collaborations 



  • Encourages creative or unconventional ideas and ensures that these are exploited by the team, as appropriate
  • Challenges team members and status quo constructively to lead delivery of ambitious milestones
  • Leads team to create and document an integrated early research and development project plan and secures agreement on transition plan for life cycle transition of project
  • Presents development options, strategies and recommendations to LCT for endorsement at key decision points to allow fact based, transparent and informed decision making
  • Serves as the primary contact with LCL and partners in co-development collaborations
  • Keeps LCL and LCC informed of project status / risks



  • Interacts with functions to ensure that appropriate resources are allocated at the appropriate time and aligned with agreed plan
  • Works with functions to identify gaps and to find collaborative solutions
  • Resolves inter-project resource conflicts to avoid resource bottlenecks
  • Takes accountability for project budget and milestones



  • Leads the team to identify and manage key risks to the project.
  • Leads the team to develop and implement innovative and feasible de-risking strategies 
  • BS degree in science, engineering or relevant area of study; Master’s degree preferred
  • 8-12 years of total related experience; 6 – 8 years of related experience in the Medical Diagnostic Industry preferred
  • Leadership skills in managing multidisciplinary teams in a global, matrix environment  
  • Effective at developing and building effective teams.
  • Effective change management skills.
  • Ability to resolve conflicts and adapt to change
  • Effective at driving results 
How to Apply

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Harmony Prenatal Test is a simple blood test that provides pregnant women with early, personalized and accurate information on the risk of their baby having a common genetic condition, such as Down syndrome. The Harmony Prenatal Test empowers women to achieve their individual reproductive goals and minimizes the need for expectant mothers to undergo unnecessary invasive procedures, such as amniocentesis.

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