Program Scientist Crop Data Science (Vacancy number 15.002)

Keygene N.V,
Job Location
Agro Business Park 90
6708 PW Wageningen

KeyGene offer

KeyGene offers a dynamic job with a competitive salary and benefits in a vibrant, highly innovative and ambitious research company. You will be able to work at the forefront of plant biotechnology and so contribute to our internationally recognized position in agro-biotech research. KeyGene is located in Wageningen (The Netherlands), a worldwide renowned center of agricultural research.

Job Description


KeyGene’s Lead Discovery platform integrates computational systems for the discovery of genes and genetic variants underlying agricultural traits. It provides the tools for integration, large-scale analysis, mining and predictive modeling of heterogeneous, high-dimensional data. The volumes and diversity of these data have soared over the last few years, turning computational lead discovery into a challenging Data Science practice. In anticipation of this, KeyGene engaged early on in the development of big data technologies to complement its existing high performance computing approaches and accelerate KeyGene’s industrial trait development and crop innovation pipelines. Looking forward, the Lead Discovery platform will continue to demand computational innovations to solve complex biological problems.



In this position, you will be responsible for taking KeyGene’s Lead Discovery platform to the next level and broaden its application in commercial trait and crop improvement programs.
You will initiate, manage and realize highly innovative and strategic research programs and applied projects that meet the demands of our customers in the seed breeding industry.

You will ensure innovations to provide high-throughput analytics, broad applicability and superior performance in the prediction of genes and variation that impact commercial traits for crops. You are focused on leading the team to deliver exceptional solutions by motivating, coaching, inspiring and developing each individual within the team, currently consisting of five bioinformaticians and data scientists. You will provide technical leadership in data integration and you are accountable for building predictive and practical solutions in the analysis of complex, high-dimensional datasets. This involves collaborative engagement with other bioinformatics and R&D disciplines within KeyGene, as well as with external partners and customers.


Your profiel

  • PhD in Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Data Science, or equivalent. Strong background in statistics, mathematics, or computer science

  • At least three years of relevant experience in academia or industry, with a proven track record of creating innovations in R&D

  • Experience in using statistical and machine learning techniques to solve analytical problems

  • Experience with biological network modeling and inference

  • Clear understanding of (crop) biological questions in trait development and breeding, Knowledge and understanding of available informatics resources for crop (functional) genomics and genetics

  • Understanding of the unfolding big data and data science technologies (e.g Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, deep learning), and experience with predictive modeling and data mining

  • Skills in algorithm design, programming, and software development for both experts and users

  • Proven leadership. Project management skills

  • Excellent communication skills at the interpersonal, verbal and writing level. Strong client and business oriented mindset. Highly collaborative approach to build and maintain relationships

  • Entrepreneurial, curious & creative. Result-driven

About Our Organization

Keygene N.V. is a leader in agricultural biotechnology and crop innovation. Over the last 25 years KeyGene has enabled its collaborators to innovate and expedite crop development to bring high value products to the global market.

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