Product Manager, Scientific Applications / Platforms

Job Location
1 Circle Star Way, 2nd Floor
San Carlos, CA 94070
Job Description

Passionate about helping people learn about and benefit from knowledge of their DNA?

Everyone can benefit from a better understanding of the most fundamental aspect of what makes them unique: their own DNA. A wide range of novel applications are becoming possible as we better understand the genome. Helix believes the time is right to create an unprecedented platform for consumers to directly capture, access, and learn about their own genome through an ecosystem of high-quality content partners.

We believe that technology is a critical enabler of this mission. We are building scalable systems to accurately and securely process genetic data using the latest generation of big data technologies.

Some examples of projects we’re working on:

  • Bringing up a high-throughput clinical genetics laboratory using next generation sequencing and integrating that software into our platform
  • Scaling up bioinformatics software pipelines to curate and annotate genetic sequences at high volume
  • Developing a secure cloud-based platform and applications for people to access their DNA
  • Creating the means for people to discover relevant and interesting genomics applications from a trusted ecosystem of high-quality content partners

What’s important to us:

  • Curiosity - we are passionate about the possibilities enabled by having access to your own DNA
  • Responsibility - we have an obligation to people to operate with highly credible research guided by well respected advisors, with clear and effective communication about our products
  • Agility - flexibility, nimbleness, and effectiveness are important to the Helix culture; we’re committed to agile development, continuous integration, and rapid execution across development, product, and design
  • Experience - we’re building a team with amazing track records of multidisciplinary achievements

Where you come in:

  • You’ll help define, guide, and drive Helix’s future product vision and strategy with a particular focus on scientific applications and bioinformatics.
  • You have experience as a PM leading software teams to deliver world-class platforms and applications
  • You have experience designing and leading software teams to deliver data pipelines, data management systems, and data analysis applications. 

What we’re looking for:

  • Product managers with a passion for improving people’s lives through access to information about their DNA
  • 4+ years of experience in product management of technical applications and/or platforms
  • Experience with and an affinity for a culture that emphasizes Agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery; should understand the role of product owner
  • Track record defining and shipping successful applications and platforms
  • Hands-on experience with scalability, performance, data systems, security, and platform capabilities
  • Deep understanding of technology and ability to establish credibility with engineering and scientific teams
  • B.S. in Engineering/Science required (preferably both); coursework in genetics/bioinformatics a plus


Equal Opportunity Employer

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